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Order a regional, 085 or 088 number via Rinkel, choose from more than thousands of landline numbers.

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What is a landline number?

With a landline or fixed number we mean telephone numbers that can be linked back to a specific city, region or country. These can be national (085/088) numbers or regional landline numbers.

Examples of national landline numbers are a 085 number and 088 number. By regional fixed numbers we mean, for example, 010 numbers for Rotterdam, or 020 for Amsterdam.

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085 numbers

most popular

A 085 number is a nationwide business number.
Ideal when you do business throughout the Netherlands!


Regional numbers

Do you do business mainly in a certain region? Then choose a regional area code such as 010, 020 or 030.

We have all area codes from the Netherlands available!


Switch with number porting

Already have a landline number and want to switch to Rinkel?
Switching to Rinkel is free and easy to arrange when you order.


088 number ranges

088 numbers come in series of 100 numbers. They are the ideal option when you have several departments or branches.

You only pay for the active numbers in your series!


International numbers

Based in more than one country or planning to go abroad?
With an international number, you create a trustworthy image for your international customers.

Calling with the local rate.