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Let Rinkel AI do the work for you. With summaries of your conversations you can quickly review what was discussed, which topics were prominent, and check where the opportunities lie for you and your team.

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working efficiently with high-quality summaries

Once a conversation is concluded, Rinkel AI immediately gets to work and delivers a concise and clear summary of everything discussed during the conversation within a few minutes. The result? High-quality conversation summaries that leave us in awe!

With Rinkel AI's summary, you can effortlessly navigate through your conversations, review all the topics discussed, and always maintain an overview. No detail will escape you, and the need for note-taking becomes a thing of the past! This functionality allows you to fully concentrate during the conversation itself, making a tremendous impact on the quality and service you provide.

instant insight into your conversation with clear topics

After generating the summary, Rinkel AI immediately filters the discussed topics and links them to the conversation, also known as topics.

Using these topics, you gain instant insight into the subjects of your phone conversations. This makes searching through your conversations much easier, especially when you're looking for a specific discussion.

Examples of topics: #invoice #payment #support #complaint

stay informed about the pulse of your business

With the help of Rinkel AI, your conversation is thoroughly analyzed, providing interesting insights into the satisfaction of your callers. Through this advanced technology, you gain a clear understanding of whether you often deal with satisfied, dissatisfied, or neutral customers on the line.

This analysis serves as a powerful complement to the conversation summary. It enables you to quickly discover the specific topics that elicit positive or negative sentiments from your customers. This valuable information can be utilized to further improve your business.

With these insights into the mood of your callers, you can take targeted action and optimize your products, services, or processes!

integrate all findings into your reports

The summaries generated by Rinkel AI provide you with an overview of the key points and topics discussed during the conversations. But it goes beyond that. Rinkel AI also identifies trends and patterns in the conversations, providing insights into customer satisfaction, their needs, and any pain points.

For example, you can gain insight into which topics occur most frequently and which aspects of customer service generate the most positive or negative responses.

With this knowledge, you can take targeted action to improve the customer experience, increase efficiency, and optimize your team's productivity!

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Our virtual assistant assists your business in generating phone conversation summaries, sentiment analysis, and themes.

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