What do our customers say?

As of 2017, we have asked our customers what they think of our products and service.

Since then we have received hundreds of reviews with an average satisfaction rating of 9.2!

customer reviews

all reviews were collected independently by Feedback Company

Disclaimer: some of these reviews were originally in Dutch and have been automatically translated to English.


Very good so far

6 June 2023

Simple, good online interface

Rinkel That's what we do it for Maarten, for the people who give us a 10. What a great review, we really appreciate this :)

Product works well but substantially more expensive from next month

31 May 2023

I purchased a basic subscription because I want to be reachable on a 085 number. I get calls from time to time. As such, I like the service. Does what it is supposed to do. Starting next month, new subscriptions have been introduced that are also considerably more expensive than the old subscriptions. I expressed my disagreement with the course of events. In the end, Rinkel did come up with a suitable proposal.


Works fine, likes priam.

30 May 2023

Pleasant calling and clear.

Rinkel What a fine review Rick, short but sweet. And it tells it all, thank you so much for this!


11 May 2023

The customer service is super friendly and very fast. Really great! I would recommend Rinkel to anyone. Even if you do not need a number :-)

Little Basics
Rinkel What a nice compliment, it's so nice to be a customer with us so :) That makes us happy, thank you for that. And we will continue to help you the best we can of course!

Clear interface and good support

8 May 2023

The service at Rinkel is good and you have control over call forwarding with their web interface and app. Problems are handled quickly and personally. To their credit.

Rinkel Glad you appreciate everything Ron. Because both our service and our service we work hard. So that's not for nothing, thank you very much for that!

Works smoothly, calls are transferred cleanly

28 April 2023

Works smoothly, calls are transferred cleanly

Rinkel Glad you're letting other people know this way, too, that our service works without any problems. Because it certainly does! Thanks for your review, we absolutely appreciate it :)

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