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As of 2017, we have asked our customers what they think of our products and service.

Since then we have received hundreds of reviews with an average satisfaction rating of 9.2!

customer reviews

all reviews were collected independently by Feedback Company and Trustpilot

Disclaimer: some of these reviews were originally in Dutch and have been automatically translated to English.


Response speed

6 March 2024

Questions are promptly responded to with correct feedback. After my email inquiry, I received a suitable answer the same morning. I have been using Rinkel for several years now without any problems.

Anton R. Ritmeester MotormuisF
Rinkel Thank you for your wonderful review, Anton! We hope you continue to use Rinkel just as smoothly for many more years, and we will keep striving to maintain Support at the highest level!

Quickly and well assisted via chat

6 March 2024

Quickly and well assisted via the chat. It's very nice to receive a quick and clear answer to a question. If only it were like this everywhere! Keep it up.

Yumi Blom
Rinkel Thank you for your review, Yumi! We will do everything we can to provide our customers with the very best service. After all, the very best customers deserve it!

Good and fast service

29 February 2024

Good and fast service. No more words needed 👌💯

Danny van den Berge
Rinkel A short and powerful review, Danny, but we absolutely appreciate it, especially when it includes such a high rating :) Thank you for this!

Practical, simple, and affordable

19 February 2024

Contact and support are excellent. Many options and practical applications. Great price/product ratio.

Rinkel Yes, you can do more and more with Rinkel! It's great that you see the possibilities and find them relevant; that's what we make them for. Thanks for the great rating, you've made our day a bit brighter :)

Alles supersnel en eenvoudig...

14 February 2024

Everything is realized super quickly and easily. Many possibilities that make the whole thing appear very professional to our customers.

Willard Zwirs
Rinkel As simple or straightforward as it can be! And indeed, this makes you appear more professional to your customers, which is exactly what we aim to achieve with our features. Thank you, Willard, for recognizing this and for the excellent rating :)

Answers your questions fast

13 February 2024

Answers your questions fast

Mike werk ebben
Rinkel Indeed, Mike, that is something we consider very important—the responsiveness when customers have questions. This is part of customer service, which always has the highest priority for us, alongside delivering a good service, of course :) Thanks for sharing this with everyone!

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The Rockanje Rescue brigade is an association of volunteers that keeps the Rockanje beach safe for everyone year round, and we got a look behind the scenes on their rescue boat.

Vattenfall Solar Team Car
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The Vattenfall Solar Team consists of 17 students from TU Delft that since 2001 participate in various solar races worldwide in their unique solar cars.

Wolk Hip Airbags
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Wolk’s passion comes from their aspiration to eliminate all hip fractures, a total of 25,000 per year in the Netherlands. We spoke to Matthijs Wiegant about his motivation.