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As of 2017, we have asked our customers what they think of our products and service.

Since then we have received hundreds of reviews with an average satisfaction rating of 9.2!

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Disclaimer: some of these reviews were originally in Dutch and have been automatically translated to English.


Works well, but there is still a bug in calling.

31 October 2023

Works well most of the time.

C. 't Lam
Rinkel Thanks for your review Richard! Although we would love to get in touch with you, to find out what bug this is, as this is not known to us. I actually assume, that we can solve this easily. You can of course call or email us, or you can always start a chat on our site. In any case, we are happy to solve this with you, so we can possibly get an even better grade from you :)

Rinkel works pleasantly and simply!

19 October 2023

With my previous business number, the connection often dropped out to the annoyance of customers. With Rinkel, this is completely solved. Furthermore, the employees are extremely helpful with questions and everything works intuitively and simply. I do really miss the option on the Iphone that I can see that someone is calling the business number before I answer. Now the app does not come into view until I have already answered (and the incoming ring call tape is running). As a result, I can never quickly distinguish whether someone is calling private or business.

SALutions Maastricht
Rinkel How good that your connection is so much better now. That's the advantage of calling over the mobile network! Furthermore, your problem with business call recognition is also easily solved. If you can give us a call, email or start a chat, I promise you that we'll have this fixed in a few minutes. Hopefully that will make you even happier with Rinkel :)

Easy, pleasant and efficient

14 October 2023

I chose a business number on my website instead of an 06 because it looks more professional. An additional advantage is that I can make free calls all over Europe, wherever I am, for less than 20 bucks a month!

WebIntense BV
Rinkel It is sometimes said that "high quality, fast and cheap" is impossible, but judging from your review, that idea is outdated! Thanks for the nice words, and may you be so satisfied with Rinkel for a long time to come :-)

Great service and service

11 October 2023

We have been working with Rinkel for quite some time now and everything works flawlessly. When you need help they are also very friendly and helpful at Rinkel

Ripa Solutions
Rinkel What a fine review and wonderful rating Michel, thank you so much. We continue to do our best to help you the best we can and maintain our spotless status.

Stay far away from it.

5 October 2023

Unilaterally increase subscription fees by 100%. A payment reminder will cost you an additional 200%. Functionalities are constantly being phased out, unless of course you take a more expensive subscription. Absolute recommendation.

Rinkel How unfortunate to read that you experienced this this way Leon. Indeed, we introduced new subscriptions at the beginning of this year. This was partly at the request of many customers. It is therefore true that many of our customers are better off. Unfortunately, this is not the case for everyone, including you. We would have liked to get in touch with you to ensure that you remained a satisfied customer, but I see that you have already cancelled. Now, after sending at least 3 reminders via email and in addition several text messages, we are charging you an invoice with reminder fees. If this is a first time and the payment is otherwise good, we are never reluctant to waive these, so again it is a pity we did not manage to get in touch with you. We certainly would have come out of this. Furthermore, it is true that we have just expanded all the functionalities, although it is of course possible that you do not use these new features. In any case, should you want to come back, we still have a very nice offer for you as a loyal customer :) Good luck further!

Very positive, easy to use and good help if anything.

19 September 2023

Very positive, easy to use and good help if anything.

Oog & Oor voor jou
Rinkel We definitely have an eye and ear for you of course ;) Glad you appreciate our help and thank you for this great rating!

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