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01 May 2024

On Labour Day, we're launching a new feature: the Rinkel API! It's an extension of the existing Webhooks feature, giving you the flexibility and freedom to work with Rinkel within the systems you use daily. The possibilities are endless! Enhance your business's efficiency by automating administrative tasks and streamlining processes. This leaves you with more time to focus on other important matters.

The API is currently in BETA. Click here for more information.

18 January 2024

We've made a change to our plans: all yearly plans are now also billed on a monthly basis. You no longer have to pay the full price upfront, but get to keep the discounted price.

02 October 2023

After multiple months of being tested by an exclusive beta group, AI insights is officially here! The revolutionary technology that streamlines your processes, reduces administrative burden and brings new business opportunities to the surface.

AI insights saves valuable time, makes work more fun and gives you everything you need to further improve your business. Isn't that every entrepreneur's dream?

Available for all Essential, Professional and Expert users. Activate it from the Webphone.

go to the webphone

Read more about AI insights

22 August 2023

Today is the day: our native webhooks are officially released. We might be a bit biased, but we are convinced it is a worthy replacement of our Zapier integration! The same functionality, but more control over your triggers and data. Additionally, using webhooks you avoid potential costs for using the Zapier platform.

Webhooks are available for free in the Expert plan. Not an Expert user yet? Upgrade your plan.


20 July 2023

Use the Webphone without a microphone or notifications. Perfect when you just want to check some things or listen back to your voicemails, for example.

We have now also added a ‘Don’t ask again’ button to the default pop-up. Also useful, as it saves you another few clicks before you can use Webphone.

In the meantime, several bug fixes have also been realised that further improve your Rinkel experience.

18 May 2023

After months of hard work, we’re thrilled to announce that today marks the day on which Rinkel AI has officially entered the closed beta! A select group of customers has received access to Rinkel AI today, and have the opportunity to test out and play with all of its revolutionary features.

Read more about Rinkel AI. (And this is just the beginning of the Rinkel AI!)

17 May 2023

On May 17, 2022, we made the move from our old brand,, to our new brand: Rinkel! And the fact that today is also World Telecommunication day, makes it for an even better day to take a moment to appreciate the first birthday of Rinkel.

28 March 2023

Of course it was in the making for a while already, but today marks our official launch in Spain! Moving outside the borders of the Netherlands and Belgium, we now also serve Spanish customers looking for a business phone number in Spain or abroad.

To visit our Spanish website, change your country & language via the button on the top right.

In the meantime, we have done several bug fixes and done a lot of work in the background for an amazing new feature! We would even dare to call this feature revolutionary. More information will follow soon.

16 January 2023

From now on you can, just like in our iPhone & Android app use the call waiting feature! The perfect solution when you have multiple incoming calls at the same time. You can have up to 15 active calls at the same time! And if you pick up one caller, your first caller is automatically parked. This way, you always only have one ongoing call.

Read more about this new feature in our FAQ.

30 September 2022

  • You can now change your language preferences from the Webphone! Simply click on the EN or NL in the top right of your screen. Next to your profile picture.
  • Have you installed our Click To Dial extension? Good news: This will now receive automatic updates.

08 September 2022

The Rinkel Click To Dial feature in the Webphone is now up and running! Download the plugin from the Chrome Store, and click on any phone number you find. Immediately prefilled in the Webphone. The only thing you still need to do, is click on the green horn and make that call.
This makes the Webphone even easier to use: no longer copy and paste, but click and call!

Want to learn more? Read how to set up Click To Dial.

06 September 2022 and My Rinkel are now available in English! Click on the button in the top right corner to switch your preferred language on In My Rinkel, switch your language by going to your profile settings.

16 August 2022

Mijn Rinkel has been renamed My Rinkel! Today we are making the switch from to! Now also with English words in the page URLs instead of Dutch.

Everything else continues to work as you are used to.

With this switch, everything from Rinkel falls under the same umbrella again ( and we are taking the next step to further realize our international ambitions. That includes some English of course!

04 August 2022

We've added the voicemails to the Rinkel Webphone! A brand new page, where from today onwards, you can:

  • Listen to your voicemails
  • Download your voicemails
  • Immediately call the person back who left you a voicemail
  • Mark voicemails as read (or unread)
  • Filter as you please!

And do you have call recording enabled? You can now listen to your recorded calls using the Webphone! You can find this feature on the call history page.

22 July 2022

  • We've added a new button in the Webphone: "Delete all contacts". That saves you quite a few clicks!
  • And also in the Webphone: the date & time are now also displayed in the list with recent calls. Talk about useful!

19 July 2022

To support our ambitious international plans, Rinkel has switched to a new domain name today:!
Nothing else will change (for now), Rinkel will remain as you are used to.

1 July 2022

  • The Refer A Friend remuneration is increased from €10 to €15 per newly referred customer! (Plus, although this isn't new, the customer you refer will also get a 50% discount on their first month. So you're both winning!)
  • Our new colleague Silvina has been added to the About us page.

17 May 2022

Bereik is now officially rebranded to Rinkel! Today we've made the switch and changed our company and brand name to Rinkel.
Specifically that means a new website (woohoo!), and we've revamped the design within My Rinkel. And there's loads more coming your way!

7 March 2022

  • Users whose first or last name begins with a special character (like Özkan) can now also use the Webphone properly.
  • We’ve solved the issue with the Webphone keypad that meant that sometimes numbers were not entered correctly. We hope you will now find it more user friendly

11 February 2022

  • Our new colleague Giuseppe has been added to the About us page.
  • The Webphone now plays a sound when the caller hangs up the phone. So that you know the conversation has ended, even if you’re away from your desk.
  • The Webphone now plays a busy tone when the call is rejected or not answered.
  • When you search for a contact in the Webphone but no results are found, we now suggest similar contacts. For example, when you type "Jasper", you get the following message: "Did you mean "Jesper"?"

28 January 2022

  • When a caller has made a choice in the voice menu, this is now also reflected in the Webphone notifications.

17 January 2022

  • Our latest feature, the Rinkel Zapier integration, is officially live!
  • Want to receive credit for yourself and a discount for your network?
  • Onze nieuwste functie, de Rinkel Zapier integratie, is officieel live! Now, you can! It’s a win-win with the Rinkel "Refer a friend" discount, now available in My Rinkel, under your profile settings.

3 January 2022

  • If you log into the My Rinkel app when there is already a call on hold, you can now also choose how to handle this call.
  • We have fixed a bug which in some cases caused calls not to show up in the queue.
  • From today, you can select a language (Dutch, English, French or German) when ordering a professional voice over.

1 January 2022

Hooray! From now on we will officially update all release notes. You can find all relevant updates, solutions and bug fixes here in chronological order.