A local number for StartDock tenants

Activate a free local phone number, which you then forward to your personal phone number (or to that of your colleagues). Now with a temporary deal for tenants of StartDock!

  • landline calling via mobile phone or laptop
  • manage your phone system online
  • now FREE for the first year
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Unique deal for tenants at StartDock

Take advantage of a unique partner promotion for a limited time, in collaboration with StartDock.

Get up to 34% off if you choose an annual plan!

essential first 6 months
50% off
now 4.⁹⁹ 4.⁴⁹
user / month
normally 9.⁹⁹ 8.⁹⁹
get started
standard features to get started:
  • calling: € 0.06 per minute
  • a business phone number
  • call forwarding
  • webphone
  • business voicemail
- 50%
professional first 6 months
50% off
now 9.⁹⁹ 8.⁹⁹
user / month
normally 19.⁹⁹ 17.⁹⁹
get started
all essential features, plus:
  • unlimited calling minutes
  • custom greeting
  • business hours
  • transfer to colleagues
  • call waiting
- 50%
expert first 6 months
50% off
now 12.⁴⁹ 10.⁹⁹
user / month
normally 24.⁹⁹ 21.⁹⁹
get started
all professional features, plus:
  • unlimited calling minutes
  • integrations
  • voice menu
  • call recording
  • queue + hold music
- 50%

A virtual phone system
on any mobile device

set up your own system with your favourite features

the Rinkel solution

A fixed phone system, simply via your mobile phone.
Activate a landline number, including professional features such as a welcome message, opening hours, voice menu and much more.

No additional hardware or SIM cards required.
Rinkel works easily via your own mobile phone(s). No extra devices, e-SIM or additional SIM card needed.

User-friendly and the best service.
With Rinkel you are always in control. You can easily manage your phone system yourself. Have any questions? Then just give us a call! We're happy to help.

Customer reviews

With more than 8,000 users, see what everyone is saying about us


Young and fast company, all the functionalities you need as a dynamic startup & fair price! They are also very accessible for questions!


Nice simple solution, I mainly use it as a WhatsApp number. Nice solution for a great price!

VanThuys peanut butter

I used to be a customer and switched to a VoIP number, but I didn't like it. I'm back now because I know it works. In addition, the customer service is very fast and helpful.


Professional company with good service at a fair price! What I especially appreciate is that they're constantly improving their services. And they are very helpful!

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Frequently asked questions

The discount is automatically calculated in our order process and only applies to tenants of StartDock. The promotion does not apply to existing customers at Rinkel.

Yes, the promotion applies to all new customers at Rinkel, provided they are a tenant at StartDock. This includes new users with an existing number. Transfer your phone number to our network for free, and enjoy your discount.

The general promotion conditions of our partner program apply to this program. Read the promotion conditions.

It depends! Any new number will be active immediately. When you move your existing number to our network, it'll take about 3-5 working days before your phone number will be active. Of course, in the meantime you can already set up your My Rinkel account!

Nope, none! We do not charge any administration or set up costs. You don't have any purchase costs either, because Rinkel works via your mobile phone and laptop/computer!

Yes and no. It depends on your subscription.

  • Essential is free for one whole year. You only pay for your calling minutes (€ 0.06 per minute)
  • Professional & Expert come including calling minutes.

Read more about our promotional conditions.

How can I request my business phone number?

Rinkel is the telecom provider for freelancers, entrepreneurs and teams. Easy to manage wherever you are. Choose your number, it's active immediately after ordering!

  • 1 choose your ideal business number
  • 2 choose your plan
  • 3 works immediately