How does Rinkel work?

A business number without a landline device? How does it work? Well, with our clever technology, we can forward a landline number to an existing phone. All we need is a number to forward to.

  • very easy to use
  • forward to your mobile phone(s)
  • reliable call connection

A virtual business number in your pocket

All the benefits of a business number without the need for a landline device. Business calls are forwarded to your own mobile phone(s).

Manage your business number from your pocket via your own Rinkel account. Place callers on hold or transfer them to colleagues. Make calls from your business number via the mobile app or even directly from your laptop.

And the best part of it all? Your caller will not be able to tell the difference. You remain flexible without compromising your business’s professional image.

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First 2 months 50% off
on all Rinkel subscriptions

With Rinkel you enjoy 50% off on your first 2 months!
Enjoy an additional 10% off when you choose an annual subscription.

essential first 2 months
50% off
now 4.⁹⁹ 4.⁴⁹
user / month
normally 9.⁹⁹ 8.⁹⁹
get started
standard features to get started:
  • calls: € 0.06 p/min.
  • a business number
  • call forwarding
  • webphone
  • business voicemail
professional first 2 months
50% off
now 9.⁹⁹ 8.⁹⁹
user / month
normally 19.⁹⁹ 17.⁹⁹
get started
all of the essential features, plus:
  • unlimited calls
  • custom greeting
  • business hours
  • transferring
  • call waiting
expert first 2 months
50% off
now 12.⁴⁹ 10.⁴⁹
user / month
normally 24.⁹⁹ 21.⁹⁹
get started
all of the professional features, plus:
  • unlimited calls
  • integrations
  • voice menu
  • call recording
  • queue + hold music

This is how it works

Rinkel transfers your business number(s) to your own mobile phone(s).

The connection is made via your own GSM network and not via the internet (VoIP). This means it doesn’t cost you or your callers any extra data usage and the connection is far more reliable than with VoIP.  

Incoming calls
are received on your own mobile phone or laptop.

Outgoing calls
are made via the mobile app or Webphone.

Customer reviews

With more than 8,000 users, see what everyone is saying about us


Easy and simple as it should be. Easily accessible for questions. In short: top service.

Team Cargo

Ideal if you're on the go and still want a landline for a professional look. Works well and has enough options to scale up, or down.

Leenders Advice

Have been using Rinkel for a while. Recently had recordings made: cheap and quickly arranged. Do you want a landline number, but no landline? Then Rinkel is excellent. We will remain customer for a while.


Professional company with good service at a fair price! What I especially appreciate is that they are constantly improving their services. And they are very helpful!

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Frequently asked questions

A fully customisable business phone system that you can manage wherever you are, and whatever the time is. Our technology is more reliable than VoIP systems, and works in the city, abroad, and in remote areas. So that you can run your business wherever you are. Any changes are implemented immediately, and no unexpected charges. Ever. Thanks to our transparent pricing.

Calls to your business number will arrive on your 06 mobile number the same way as when someone calls you privately.

In addition, we provide three caller ID options, which allow you to easily distinguish between incoming business and private calls.  

You can easily make outgoing calls via our mobile app. The dial screen (Android or iOS) works much in the same way as the dial pad on your smartphone. As soon as you press call, you will immediately receive a callback. When you pick up, your business call begins.

Yes, with Rinkel’s webphone you can call using your laptop. The Webphone incorporates all the same great features as the app; all you need is the Google Chrome browser to use it.

How can I request a virtual landline?

Wide selection of landlines available for all regions.

Request your new number in three easy steps:

  • 1 pick a number
  • 2 choose your plan
  • 3 start calling immediately