Professional features

As an entrepreneur you are busy enough as it is. With our smart features we aim to take the burden off you and your team as much as possible.

  • manage your business number from your mobile
  • make business calls on your own phone(s)
  • easily switch features on and off


Make calls with your business number from your mobile phone or our Webphone. Works just like your mobile phone!

Easily separate incoming business calls from your private calls with our advance notice caller ID.


Transform your laptop or computer into a phone with the Rinkel Webphone. Business calling via an internet browser. Easily switch to your mobile device during an outgoing call, share contacts with your colleagues or transfer a call, plus many more features.  

  • can be used with a headset
  • efficient and user-friendly
  • popular with teams

Call forwarding

Forward your business number from Rinkel to any phone number you like. That’s how you Rinkel with us!

Add numbers or user to your calling plan and remove them whenever you want. Going on holiday or out of the office? Simply transfer the call to your colleague.

Choose how to receive your calls; one at a time or simultaneously.

  • create your own dial plan
  • changes are active immediately
  • add multiple numbers to the call forwarding list

Call transfer

Transfer callers to another department or colleague. It’s easy with our hold feature!

You can put your caller on hold, with or without a note for your colleague. The colleague receives a notification from us and can then take the caller off hold.

Call transferring works for both incoming and outgoing calls. That’s how you Rinkel.

Whatsapp business

Chat via your business line with suppliers, partners and customers with the Rinkel WhatsApp Business link.

Reduce your calls and emails with WhatsApp Business. Simply link your Rinkel business number to your WhatsApp account and increase your contact options for your customers.

As the most downloaded app in The Netherlands, your customers are present here for sure!

  • setup with your Rinkel business number
  • separate from your private WhatsApp
  • chat via mobile or desktop

International phone calls

Customers, suppliers or partners abroad? No problem at all. Call to over 50 international destinations without any additional costs. All over the world!

Ring someone abroad with the same ease as with a call in the Netherlands. Make phone calls with the people in the US, Australia, Brazil and the entire EU, among others! View the full list.

Making international calls with your Rinkel phone number


Answer your caller immediately and professionally without having to pickup the phone yourself.

A greeting is the first thing your caller hears when they call your business number and leaves a lasting impression.

Play a standard greeting or use this feature to make an announcement or promotion.

Voice menu

Save your team and caller time by setting up a voice menu thereby avoiding unnecessary call transfers.

Connect your caller directly with the right colleague or department: that’s how you Rinkel.

  • saves you and your caller time
  • reduces the load on customer service
  • can be combined with the queue feature


There are times when several calls are incoming at once. So as not to lose these callers, put them in the queue instead.

As soon as the caller is placed in the queue, an automatic message plays, followed by optional hold music.

You decide how long a caller remains in the queue before being transferred directly to your voicemail, to a colleague or to the answering service.

Business hours

Maintain your work-life balance by setting your business hours. You can then decide what to do with a call that falls outside your regular business times.

You can easily indicate the times you wish to be available and as an extra option receive a notification for any calls that fall outside of your business hours.

  • can be set per week, day and hour
  • various “no answer” options available
  • set per business number


Integrate Rinkel with your favourite tools and systems via the API or Webhooks features and increase your company's efficiency. Work faster, smarter and with less hassle. Rinkel integrates with the tools you use on a daily basis.

  • automate administrative tasks
  • streamline processes
  • experience more freedom & flexibility

Call recording

Improve your customer service and avoid losing important information with our call recording feature. Record all incoming and outgoing calls from users.

Activate call recording for free with the Expert plan.

  • for training & quality purposes
  • download and listen to your calls
  • only with the Expert Plan

Extra features

As an entrepreneur you are busy enough. That is why we offer additional convenient services designed to enhance your experience and reduce you and your team's workload.


AI insights

AI Insights is the revolutionary technology that streamlines your processes, reduces administrative burden, and uncovers new business opportunities.

That is how AI Insights saves valuable time, makes work more enjoyable, and provides you with everything to further improve your business. Isn't that the dream of every entrepreneur?

Exclusively at Rinkel. Read more about AI insights.

  • work faster & more efficiently
  • always know what's going on in your company
  • reduce administrative burden

Answering service

Sometimes you’re just not available...

For example, you have just stepped in your car or are sitting down to lunch when suddenly the phone rings. Let the Rinkel answering service answer for you! We will answer the call with your company’s name and note down the caller’s details.

This way your caller is always answered and you do not lose any potential sales.

  • call notes (also via WhatsApp)
  • use at peak times
  • personal phone operator

Professional voice-over

To enhance your professional image, let a professional voice artist record your greeting and/or voicemail.

Begin by choosing your own voice artist and language preference. Then upload your desired text. The voice artist then gets to work immediately and within 2-5 working days you have your unique recordings.

Once delivered, the sound clips are completely yours to be used wherever you want.

  • one-time fee of €50 per 75 words
  • popular voice artists from radio and TV
  • available in Dutch, English, French & German
Rinkel functie uitleg stemartiest / professionele voice-over