How do I make sure that the caller does not hear my mobile voicemail?

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 11 August 2022

You have two options. We’ll walk you through them:

Option 1: Switch off your mobile voicemail completely

Your business voicemail will always be played when there is a call to your landline. Deactivating your mobile voicemail varies from provider to provider. We recommend that you check with your mobile operator.

Option 2: Set your Rinkel voicemail to pick up earlier

You can reduce the "ring time" (how long it takes for a caller to be connected to your voicemail). This way you ensure that the Rinkel voicemail picks up earlier. The default ring time is set to 20 seconds and can be reduced to 10 seconds.

In front of your number(s) in My Rinkel you will see a cogwheel. Click on it and you will be taken to the ring time settings.

Making several calls at the same time / rejecting a call

With option 2, you also have to take multiple calls at the same time rather than rejecting the incoming call.

When you are on the phone and someone else calls, he or she will automatically receive your mobile voicemail. The solution is to switch on “Call waiting” on your mobile phone.

When you reject an incoming call, you can still transfer the caller to voicemail.

Our advice

The “safest” option is to switch off your mobile voicemail (option 1). This ensures that a business contact will always hear a business voicemail.

Other users also asked

Why do my business callers hear my mobile voicemail?

Because the system cannot tell the difference between a person picking up or a mobile voicemail being played, the call is considered to have been answered in both cases.

This is why it’s important for the business voicemail to pick up earlier than the mobile voicemail.

What is the ring time on my mobile voicemail?

The mobile voicemail is often set to 25 seconds by default, although this can vary from one phone number to another. The ring time of your mobile voicemail can only be set by your own provider.

When can I still hear my mobile voicemail?

With option 2 (reduce ring time), your mobile voicemail remains switched on when people call your 06 number directly. With option 1 you switch off the mobile voicemail completely.