How do I get started with the voice menu via My rinkel on desktop?

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 10 August 2022

Getting started with the voice menu via My Rinkel on desktop.

Start by setting the preferences in the voice menu:

  1. Which sound clip should be played before the voice menu (e.g. key 1 for administration, key 2 for support, key 3 to leave message)

  2. How many times should the sound clip be repeated before disconnecting and reverting to the default choice

  3. And finally, make sure that the voice menu is on in the overview in My Rinkel, under Numbers.

Can’t find the sound clip you want in the list? Go to Recordings in My Rinkel to record or upload a new recording.

Do you want to know more about setting up your voice menu? Take a look at: