How can I get started with Rinkel AI?

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 15 May 2023

Currently, the Rinkel AI is in a closed beta. This means that you can sign up to participate in the beta, but you are not guaranteed admission. Based on certain conditions, we regularly allow new companies to join the beta, so you may still be admitted soon!

Sign up to participate in the Rinkel AI beta.

Registered? Then you will receive more information about your admission from us via email. So keep an eye on your inbox!

What is a beta?

When a product or service is in beta, it means that it is currently being tested. A beta is the last step in the process before it is released into the 'wide world'.

So-called beta testers report glitches, bugs, or things that are not working properly to the team. This way, we eliminate the last imperfections and can ensure that, in this case, the Rinkel AI works properly!

What do I need for Rinkel AI?

  • You are a customer of Rinkel

  • Furthermore, we need to test our AI thoroughly, and your company needs to conduct enough conversations per month.

  • You are open to providing us with feedback to improve Rinkel AI and prepare it for the general public.

  • You are an Admin-level user within your account to be able to view and use Rinkel AI

  • Currently, it doesn't matter what subscription you have with Rinkel: we can admit you with Essential, Professional, and Expert. (This does not guarantee that Rinkel AI will also be included in all these subscriptions later on.)