How can I cancel or suspend my phone number?

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 15 February 2023

Simply cancel or park your phone number and reactivate it later.

How can I cancel or suspend my phone number?

  • Open My Rinkel

  • Click on “Account” on the top right.

  • Click on “Subscription” and scroll down to “Phone numbers”.

  • Click on the cross behind the phone number you want to cancel or suspend.

  • Select “Yes, park this number” or “Cancel”.

When you cancel, the phone number remains active until the end of your last billing period. Don't want your phone number to be released? Then choose "Park this number". This way, your telephone number will be reserved for at least one year.

How can I revert a cancellation?

Did you accidentally cancel the wrong phone number or do you want to reactivate a phone number? Contact us via the chat, by email at [email protected] or by phone on 085-0609000.