How do I manage my recorded calls on my desktop?

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 17 February 2023

Call recording is set up for each virtual number. Meaning you can also choose not to record calls for a particular virtual number.

We’ll walk you through the call recording settings:

Good to know: Both the user and the administrator of a virtual number can listen to and download recorded calls.

Never miss or forget any detail ever again.

How do I set up call recording?

  1. Go to My Rinkel, to Numbers and then the column Call recording

  2. Click Customise under Call recording

  3. Select Yes, I agree to these terms click Save changes

  4. Turn on the feature by clicking Record calls

  5. Select whether or not you'd like an announcement to play before the call is being recorded

  6. Click Save changes again

  7. Return to the Numbers page and activate call recording with the On/Off button

Please note: call recording is not activated if you have not explicitly agreed to the legal Terms and Conditions, under “Important”.

How do I listen to, delete or download my recorded calls?

  1. In My Rinkel, go to Call history

  2. Select the call you want to listen to. If the call has been recorded (and is still within the retention period of 60 days), press the green play button to play it back.

To remove and download, click on the Play button. At the bottom right, under “Available until”, you will find the download icon or the bin for deletion.

Please note: deleted calls cannot be retrieved.