How can I get started with AI insights?

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 02 October 2023

As of 2 October 2023, AI insights has been officially launched to all users, after a closed beta period of several months.

AI insights is available for all Rinkel subscriptions except the trial subscription. So do you have an Essential, Professional, Expert or custom subscription? Then we have good news.

Get started with AI insights today: subscribe from the Webphone.

Why AI insights?

  • Work faster: get answers quickly, search your calls by what was discussed

  • Simplify your work: save yourself valuable time: summaries write themselves

  • Discover new business opportunities: see what is trending in your business, how customers feel and where to put your focus

  • Enrich data in your favourite systems: connect your call data and AI insights to your CRM or other tools using webhooks. Available for Expert users only.

Everything you need to further optimise your business, isn't that every entrepreneur's dream?

Your privacy is important to us

AI insights is completely opt-in: conversations are processed only with your explicit permission; not before. It's that simple. Do you want to know more about our vision on the responsible use of AI? Read our manifesto.