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Free calling with Rinkel, how does that work? Find a comprehensive answer here!

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Answers to your questions

During your trial you will be assigned a random Dutch 085 number. It will work immediatelay for incoming calls, which will be transferred to the phone number you provided. However you cannot make calls with it during your trial period.

After your trial ends, you can keep the 085 number you tested with, or select a different number such as a Dutch regional number, international number or any other 085 number.

When you upgrade, you will enter our order form where we've already pre-filled the number you tested with as the number you can take with you to a paid plan. But, as said, you can pick any number(s) you like. Remove the 085 number you tested with and selected a different one by clicking on the X next to your trial phone number on the right to remove it from your order.

No, you cannot link your number with WhatsApp Business during your trial period. This will be possible when you switch to a paid plan.

During your trial, you can use My Rinkel for 7 days or 60 minutes in total. Your trial includes an Expert subscription with three users. This means you can invite 2 other colleagues to receive calls with and to try out all the features together.

Please note you cannot link WhatsApp Business or make outbound calls during your trial period.

Once your 7 days is up or you have used your 60 calling minutes, your trial period will end automatically.

You absolutely can. When upgrading, you can choose a national Dutch 085 number or a regional number. You also have the option to keep the 085 number you received during the trial period.

Rather have an international phone number? Please reach out to us at [email protected] and be sure to mention your country of choice.

Have you setup the perfect My Rinkel profile during your trial period and now you want to upgrade? Good news, all your account settings are saved and will remain the same even after upgrading.

If you keep the same 085 number from your trial period, your number-specific settings will remain the same (e.g. call forwarding). If, however, you choose a different number when upgrading, then you will need to set it up again.

When you login to My Rinkel, you will see the option 'Upgrade now' in very large print on the top left. This will take you to the upgrade process. After successfully upgrading, WhatsApp Business and outgoing calls will be unlocked immediately.

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