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Do you want to order a business phone number for your company? Choose the numbers you want. Live within minutes! That's how you Rinkel.

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Easy and simple as it should be. Easily accessible for questions. In short: top service.

Team Cargo

Ideal if you're on the go and still want a landline for a professional look. Works well and has enough options to scale up, or down.

Leenders Advice

Have been using Rinkel for a while. Recently had recordings made: cheap and quickly arranged. Do you want a landline number, but no landline? Then Rinkel is excellent. We will remain customer for a while.


Professional company with good service at a fair price! What I especially appreciate is that they are constantly improving their services. And they are very helpful!

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Frequently asked questions about business numbers

Of course! You can link your Rinkel business 085 or regional numbers to WhatsApp Business. Unfortunately, this is not possible with 088 numbers.

Yes, with Rinkel you can forward your business number(s) to as many phone numbers as you have users in your subscription. For example, let’s say you have 3 users. Then you can forward to 3 different people or phone numbers.

Yes, we forward your business numbers to your mobile. That way you can make and receive business calls with your landline number via your mobile.

If you want to request business numbers from Rinkel, all you need is a working mobile phone with coverage. Nothing else: no second SIM, landline or e-SIM. You can start right away.

Want to apply for a business number?

Do you want a 085 number, a 088 number or a regional number for your company? That’s how you Rinkel. Be professionally reachable within minutes with the Rinkel Fixed to Mobile solution!

  • choose a virtual business number
  • choose your subscription
  • works right away

What is a business number?

Business numbers are telephone numbers that can be linked to your company. They can be national numbers or regional numbers. Examples of national numbers are 085 numbers and 088 numbers. Examples of regional numbers are 010 numbers for Rotterdam, or 020 numbers for Amsterdam.

Want to order a business number? Live within minutes!

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Benefits of business numbers

With a business number, you can take your company to the next level. Think about it: How professional does a company with a mobile number prefix look? Exactly.

A Rinkel business number also comes with lots of extra features, such as a voice menu, opening hours, welcome message, call forwarding, and business voicemail, that help your business look professional: features you don’t have with your 06 number. Not only are these great features, but a business number also saves you and your caller time!

What’s more, a Rinkel business number is always fully mobile: no extra set up costs and no extra (desk) phones, just flexibility and convenience.We forward your business numbers to your mobile.So you can manage your business calls wherever you are: in the office, at the gym, or on the beach. You're in control.

Why choose a Rinkel business number?

Do you want to have a professional image? Want a telecom provider that grows with you? And to always be in control? Then you’ve come to the right place!

Rinkel grows with your company and your needs. Want to add more users or virtual numbers to your account? Want to upgrade from Rinkel Essential to Professional or Expert? Or downgrade? Easy.

Rinkel is the telecom provider that works for you. For entrepreneurs, by entrepreneurs.

What does a Rinkel business number involve?

With Rinkel, you choose your own business number (085 or regional). We will then forward calls to your business number(s) to your 06 number. That means you can be reached professionally on your business number from your mobile. Do you want your colleagues to be professionally accessible too? No problem: You can add as many users and landline numbers to your account as you like.

Want to know which subscription and which features suit your needs best? Check out our plans.