Business line on your mobile

With fixed to mobile from Rinkel, you can be reached for business calls on a landline number via your mobile phone. A real bonus for entrepreneurs looking for a flexible fixed-line phone system.

  • from € 8.99 a month
  • flexible plans
  • no complex and expensive phone system

What is fixed to mobile?

With fixed on mobile you can be reached on a virtual regional or national number via your mobile. All the advantages of a 06 number, plus the advantages of a landline. Without the drawbacks of both!

What do we mean by this? You have a professional look, you are not tied to a desk phone and you get access to many professional features! Read more about how it works.

  • manage your own phone system
  • changes are active immediately
  • user-friendly app & platform
Rinkel functie uitleg uitbellen met je vaste nummer

From an 06 number to a fixed number on your mobile

Take your business number to the next level with all the professional features of a Rinkel plan.

Save up to 12% with an annual subscription!

essential calls: € 0.06 p/min.
9.⁹⁹ 8.⁹⁹
user / month get started
all features to get you started:
  • a business number
  • call forwarding
  • webphone
  • business voicemail
professional unlimited calls
19.⁹⁹ 17.⁹⁹
user / month get started
all of the essential features, plus:
  • custom greeting
  • business hours
  • transferring
  • call waiting
expert unlimited calls
24.⁹⁹ 21.⁹⁹
user / month get started
all of the professional features, plus:
  • integrations
  • voice menu
  • call recording
  • queue + hold music
custom tailor-made plan
get in touch
for businesses with 5+ users

a scalable phone solutions for teams, scale-ups & larger companies.

Benefits of a landline number on your mobile

With Rinkel, you can be reached for business on a landline number via your mobile phone. We forward your landline number(s) to your specified mobile number(s).

Rinkel works via the GSM network, instead of VoIP. A conscious choice, because this way we guarantee you the best connection and call quality!

  • professional image
  • also reachable from overseas
  • make calls via mobile or laptop

Customer reviews

With more than 8,000 users, see what everyone is saying about us


Easy and simple as it should be. Easily accessible for questions. In short: top service.

Team Cargo

Ideal if you're on the go and still want a landline for a professional look. Works well and has enough options to scale up, or down.

Leenders Advice

Have been using Rinkel for a while. Recently had recordings made: cheap and quickly arranged. Do you want a landline number, but no landline? Then Rinkel is excellent. We will remain customer for a while.


Professional company with good service at a fair price! What I especially appreciate is that they are constantly improving their services. And they are very helpful!

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Frequently asked questions about fixed number on mobile

Yes, private individuals are also welcome at Rinkel! Please note that you cannot request a 088 number as a private individual.

Your first landline number is free with your Rinkel subscription. For any additional landline numbers you pay €5 extra per month.

We move your landline numbers to our network free of charge. This process is called number porting.

You can add as many users and phone numbers to the forwarding as you want. For each 06 number or user in the call forwarding list, you need an additional user.

For example: You put yourself and the 06 number of a colleague in the call forwarding list. Then you will need 2 users in your subscription.

At Rinkel, you decide what you want to see when you receive a call. We call this Caller ID. Here are three options for this:

  • Your own landline number, so you always know it's a business call, but you can't see who it is.
    The number of the caller, then you do not know whether it is business or private
    The caller's number with advance notice: You immediately see who the caller is and as soon as you answer you hear: "This is a call from your Rinkel number." so you know it's a business call!

No, you never pay double. You only pay us for call costs (depending on your subscription) via your Rinkel landline number. You do not pay this to your mobile provider.

How to order the fixed to mobile solution?

A fixed number on your mobile without a fixed connection. That´s how you Rinkel!

  • choose a landline number
  • choose a plan
  • now you can be reached directly!