As an entrepreneur, why do I need a landline number?

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Janine Wilbrink
update: 17 February 2021

As a (starting) entrepreneur or self-employed person, you naturally have a clear vision: conquer the world and make customers happy with your product or service! By now you have most of it figured out, you know what you are going to sell and how your product or service helps customers. Now it comes down to sorting out and arranging the details, for example, arranging your business telephony with a fixed telephone number!

You might be thinking: a landline phone number? Everything is mobile and 06, right? But nothing could be further from the truth! Fixed to mobile is very interesting from a business point of view. For many companies, a fixed telephone number is an absolute must; because the professionalism of the company is immediately higher.

So do you want to know what the power is behind a fixed telephone number and how you can get more profit out of it? Then read on! ↓

Man in een grijs pak telefoneert via zijn mobiele telefoon

The advantages of a fixed telephone number

Tell us now. Which do you prefer? A fixed phone number or an 06 number on your website, your (digital) business card and on Google? From a business point of view, obviously not your 06 number.

If you operate nationwide, you enjoy the most professionalism with a 085 number. But if you mainly operate in the region or in a specific place, it is more convenient to purchase a regional telephone number. Think of an area code (also called area code) such as 010 and 020, or 0513 and 0475

A fixed telephone number immediately makes your business look a lot more professional. Your customers will have a different impression when you only have a mobile number. But there are even more advantages to a fixed phone number that we would like to bring to your attention. 

#1: Keep work and private life separate with fixed to mobile

No matter how passionate you are about your business and your product or service, you too need rest and time off. With fixed on mobile, you keep your work and private life separate. When a call comes in, you immediately know whether someone is calling you privately or on business. So you immediately choose whether (and how) to take this call.

But also: you can enter your opening hours in Rinkel. Outside your opening hours, the phone will automatically switch to voicemail (or the professional answering service). This you can set up yourself, of course! This way, even in the evening (and during holidays) you won't be distracted by work.

In addition, you can use WhatsApp with your business number! With WhatsApp Business, you chat professionally and professionally with (potential) customers. Read more about WhatsApp Business in our blog: 'Everything you need to know about WhatsApp Business'.

#2: Radiate reliability with a landline phone number

People are more likely to pick up a landline number than an unknown 06 number. This is because an unknown mobile number looks a lot less trustworthy. It is almost always a strange person. Customers do not expect a company or shop to call them back or after using 06.

In addition, Dutch legislation requires an online shop to have your phone number in a logical place on your website. After all, you are obliged to inform your visitors about who you are and how you do business. So in this case, it is extra interesting to have a fixed telephone number!

#3: An improved customer experience with fixed on mobile

It's all about the customer experience. If you have good customer service and you look trustworthy people are more likely to make a purchase. To then place another order. And another. And another... You get it! Put yourself in a customer's shoes and think: what is very important to you? This is how you can best serve your customers!

A business phone number contributes to this. For example, have a separate voicemail ("Welcome to Rinkel, we are currently closed. Our opening hours are from 7am to 6pm Monday to Friday. We'll be happy to talk to you then!") and you can leave a welcome message, put people on hold and transfer them to colleagues. Like having a whole call centre! This makes your business look a lot more professional (and bigger).

#4: Functionality you would otherwise miss

With a business fixed-to-mobile solution (like at Rinkel), you also get many extra functionalities with a subscription. These include:

  • A professional answering service;
  • A choice menu;
  • Setting opening hours;
  • Professional welcome messages;
  • The ability to record calls.

Super convenient as an entrepreneur to have! For example, when you already have someone on the line. The second caller will then automatically end up in the queue, so they can hang on. So this again contributes to your professionalism and accessibility.

Want to know more about all Rinkel's functionalities? Check them out here!

Telefoon met belscherm op bureau naast laptop

Fixed to mobile: how do I make a profit from this?

Sticking to an 06 number as your business number is not necessarily a problem or something you need to adapt. In fact, there are already several solutions you can think of that allow you to keep business and private numbers separate, or increase professionalism. Think of a dual sim or a second phone. Although with these solutions, you do stick to an 06 number, which has an important difference: you do not achieve the same level of professionalism as with a fixed telephone number.

A business (085 or regional) phone number is a small investment that is guaranteed to pay for itself. That's why, as entrepreneurs and for entrepreneurs, we started Rinkel. You can be reached via business on mobile from as little as € 9,00 per month! So a very suitable option even for the starting entrepreneurs among us. With the higher level of professionalism, you achieve a higher level of trust, making customers more likely to buy (more) products or services from you. So there is literally profit to be made from a fixed telephone number. Just on your mobile. 

At Rinkel, you enjoy professionalism with a national or regional telephone number, simply via your mobile phone.