New: The Rinkel Webphone is live!

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Janine Wilbrink
update: 23 September 2021

Making calls via your computer is a reality with Rinkel's Webphone! Turn your computer or laptop into a phone. What started as an inkling, confirmed by our customers, has now been officially rolled out. What all can you do with this new free feature? We take you through!

Last updated: 16 February 2023

What you can do with the Webphone

With Rinkel's Webphone, you use your laptop or computer as a telephone. This also makes it a softphone application (that word may be more familiar to you).

So you can be reached via your computer, on your Rinkel number. Regardless of whether you have a national number (085) or regional (such as 010 or 020) number!

We developed the Webphone entirely in-house and always kept your needs in mind. That's why it works incredibly intuitively, as you've come to expect from us.

And the best part? The Webphone is free for all our customers! No extra subscription fees or more expensive call minutes. Just, absolutely free. :-)

Features in the Webphone

The Webphone is in your My Rinkel environment, so basically all functions are directly accessible as you are used to!

But, to sum up the advantages:

  • Making and receiving calls (including anonymous dialing out)
  • (Blind) transfer
  • Receiving notifications of incoming calls
  • Managing call history (including filtering options)
  • Adding or importing contacts manually
  • Adding favourites
  • Adjusting your status (so you no longer receive calls in Webphone)
  • Sharing contacts with colleagues
  • Switching to your mobile during a call
  • Copy and paste phone numbers
  • Parking calls (putting them on hold)
  • Allow calls to ring on your mobile too
  • Manage your voicemails

Note: Webphone only works when you keep the tab open. As soon as you close the tab, the Webphone is deactivated.

Who is the Webphone for?

The Webphone is available free of charge to all our customers regardless of their subscription type.

Of course, the Webphone is built for everyone, because even a self-employed person who is on the road a lot sometimes needs to get behind the computer to make invoices. 

But in general, the Webphone offers the most benefit to entrepreneurs and employees who work a lot on the computer. For example, at the office, a coworking space, or the kitchen table.

This way you have:

  • Always have your hands free to check directly with your customers
  • No need to use your phone
  • One central place to arrange all your telephony directly, namely: My Rinkel

How do I start using the Webphone?

The Webphone can be found in your familiar My Rinkel environment, next to the numbers tab.

Webphone locatie in Mijn Rinkel

Can I also provide feedback on Webphone?

Yes definitely! We would be delighted. Although we have tested the Webphone extensively and done our best to eliminate all errors, you may still encounter something.

Should this be the case, we would of course love to hear about it! You can submit your feedback via the button at the top right of the Webphone, the chat at the bottom right, or via e-mail to [email protected].

So you don't need anything extra, only headphones we do recommend. It just makes it a bit easier.

Note: The Webphone only works via the Google Chrome browser on your computer or laptop. It does not work via your mobile or tablet.

Ready to get started?

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