Update: Voice menu for virtual calling

Rinkel collega Jesper
Jesper Paardekooper
update: 25 August 2020

Picture this: you’re out and about when you remember you have something to do, only to forget all about it when you get home. Sound familiar? 

Well, luckily you’ll never have to forget details again now that the voice menu is live in the My Rinkel app! It’s now easy to manage your settings, even when you’re on the move.

We’ve also overhauled the design, which makes the voice menu a lot more user-friendly and allows you to customise your settings for each key.

Most used feature
The voice menu is one of the features our customers use most, and it’s free for all Expert users. That’s why we decided to take another look at the functionality and were able to do some fine tuning.

Last updated: 16-02-2023

Voice menu in the My Rinkel app

In addition to making various user-friendly upgrades to the menu, moving it to the My Rinkel app is the biggest change. Want to add someone to the call forwarding list temporarily? Or are you unexpectedly unavailable? You can make all changes on your smartphone in a flash, wherever you are!

My Rinkel
Of course, the voice menu remains available in My Rinkel under Numbers → Voice menu. But we’ve also upgraded the voice menu in My Rinkel to ensure it stays as user-friendly as possible!

Read here how you can set up the voice menu.

Twee screenshots van iPhone Mijn Rinkel instellingen

Very user-friendly (that's the way we are)
Making the most user-friendly fixed line phone system possible has always been our main goal, so we have taken a closer look at the user settings in the voice menu. We moved a number of items in the voice menu in My Rinkel, and removed some others to make the feature more intuitive. The headings are now much more manageable, partly due to the fact that the call forwarding features are now opened separately using the relevant key.

Extended call forwarding options per key
Besides moving the voice menu to the My Rinkel app, the extended call forwarding options are the biggest change in this update. Where previously you could only enter a number into the forwarding list, you now have the option to set your preferences for each key. For example, if you want to attach the answering service to one key and play a specific message with another, now you can!

No answer
If you have several departments stored in the voice menu, you can now manage the “No answer” options for each department. So, if you have both a Support department and a Finance department, for example. A Support department will need different operations (e.g. a queue function or answering service) from the Finance department. You can now manage these options in your Rinkel voice menu.

Ring time
Ring time is an important setting to ensure that your personal voicemail does not cut in before your business voicemail. A great feature, but previously it wasn’t quite located in the most convenient place. You can now find this setting in My Rinkel by clicking on the cogwheel in front of your phone number. Under ring time, set the number of seconds for which the call will ring until the business voicemail picks up.

Let’s get to work!

We’re sure you can’t wait to get started setting up the voice menu for your landline number(s). Read all about how to set up the voice menu.

Please note

It may take up to 24 hours before the update is visible on the Google Play Store or iOS App Store. Is something not working properly in the new version or in My Rinkel? First try pressing CTRL+F5 (Windows) or Cmd+R (Mac). Still not working? Please let us know as soon as possible at [email protected], or chat with us (bottom right).