Team Rinkel further expands

Rinkel collega Jeroen
Jeroen van Vierzen
update: 13 August 2015

This article was first shared on As of May 17, 2022, we have changed our name from Reach to Rinkel. But don't worry, it's still us: your trusted business telephony provider.

Starting today, Dennis de Jong will join Team Rinkel (then called "Bereik") in the position of Senior Software Engineer and also brings the necessary expertise in the field of SaaS solutions.

Welcome, Dennis de Jong!

Dennis is 36 years old, has years of experience as a developer and is an entrepreneur at heart. He has gained a lot of experience within the SaaS (Software as a Service) world, among other things from his successful web hosting company which he recently sold.

He also knows what it is like to work for a fast-growing company with short lines of communication and a close-knit team. In addition to his experience at his own hosting company, he has also worked on the application of EcoChain Technologies, an Amsterdam-based startup that was a finalist at the 2013 Accenture Innovation Awards, among others.

With the addition of Dennis we can improve our service even faster, expand and continue our growth.

Collega Dennis

In his spare time, Dennis can regularly be found on the golf course where, with a handicap of 36, he makes the greens unsafe.