Using Telegram for business

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Omri Walstra
update: 15 November 2022

There are many ways to improve your company's customer relations further after getting your Rinkel phonenumber. One good example is the use of Telegram. Want to know how Telegram can be valueble to your business? we'll walk you through it!


What is Telegram?

Telegram is a free App useable on multiple devices. Simply download it in the Appstore for iPhones or the Google Play Store for Android users.

Telegram is just like Whatsapp (Business). You can Chat, make calls or video calls with the App on any device. Where Whatsapp Business falls under the Meta group(Facebook), Telegram remains independent. Developed by Pavel Durov and his brother Nikolai with the main purpose being: Safe chatting free from government regulations and censoring. It's distinctly focused on privacy and reliability, where Whatsapp is all about easy usage.


What are the differences between Telegram en WhatsApp?

Telegram is not just another version of Whatsapp Business. There are big differences between the two apps: For instance, Telegram doesn't require a phone number for use, whereas Whatsapp does. We've compared the most important features of both Telegram and Whatsapp so you can decide what platform fits your company best.


How many users does Telegram have?

There is a large difference in the amount of users at the time of writing this article. But more than enough to fill up those large chatgroups and the gap is closing fast. Telegram already is the largest communications platform in some parts of the world. The biggest markets as of right now are Eastern Europe, South America and Africa. 

So perfect when your enterprise has a lot of customers in Brazil for instance: Where Whatsapp isn't used at all nowadays.


The uses of Telegram for business

Telegram is used for direct contact beteen you and your customers in one-on-one chat conversations. Since business subjects often revolve around sensitive information, your customers might feel safer talking under the guarantee of privacy Telegram offers.

Looking for groupchats? that too is supported by Telegram, just like you're used to with Whatsapp.

A big advantage why you would choose Telegram as an entrepreneur is the Cloud backup. Telegram synchronises all messages, on all devices that have the app installed, nearly instantly.

On top of this you're able to integrate business features with Telegram such as your CRM-platform or even payment methods. Does your company use or Hubspot for instance? Than you can integrate Telegram and directly send and receive messages from your CRM app. 

Interested in special features? Read about the possibilities of using of the Telegram bot.

Telegram is useful for professional purposes, just like Whatsapp business. The large groupchat sizes make it possible to create a platform for customer interaction. A sort of self sufficient FAQ system that lets customers help eachother and save your time. 


How to use Telegram?

  1. Download the app for Android or iPhone
  2. Optional: Connect your business number from Rinkel 
  3. That's it! Discover all features

PS: Telegram doesn't have a dedicated Business-app (like Whatsapp Business), but it does offer the possibility to use bots to make a welcoming message for instance.