Spotlight: Shopboost

update: 06 April 2016

Always wanted to surprise and convert doubting visitors to your webshop? Shopboost is a tool that makes it possible!

What is Shopboost?

Shopboost is a tool that allows you to analyse the behaviour of visitors to your webshop. The tool makes it possible to detect doubt or comparison behaviour in visitors and respond to this by offering discounts, for example. This ultimately results in a higher conversion!

What makes Shopboost unique?

Shopboost is the first provider of such an online service and guarantees seamless integration into your webshop. In addition to the conversion of regular visitors, the tool also makes it possible to increase the conversion of mobile visitors by sending automatic reminders. The layout of the tool can also be fully adapted to the house style of the existing webshop!

Future developments

We are currently investigating whether it is possible to use the tool to get in touch with people who do not yet know the webshop at all. This would mean that Shopboost not only increases the conversion of existing visitors, but also actively contributes to reaching new people within the webshop's target group. This is currently still in the research phase, so the end result remains a surprise.

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