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Mike Monsma
update: 03 December 2015
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Jortt is an online accounting package especially for the self-employed. Invoicing, depreciation, VAT declaration and profit & loss accounts. With Jortt, you can do it all yourself from now on.

Bookkeeping reinvented

This week we spoke to Hilco de Roo, owner of Jortt, about his accounting solution for self-employed entrepreneurs. "Bookkeeping has been made unnecessarily difficult. Lots of jargon and difficult rules make it almost impossible for a starting entrepreneur to do the bookkeeping himself. When you are just starting your business, these are costs you can't really use."

Born out of frustration

"Before this, we had a large business in online backup. Every quarter, a very expensive accountant came to correct the books and take care of the VAT return. How is it that, as a successful entrepreneur, you can run a big business but you can't enter something as simple as a lunch receipt. That had to change and so now we are conquering the accounting world with Jortt."

Started with a blank screen

"Jortt has reinvented accounting. We started with a blank screen and looked at what the Tax Office and the Chamber of Commerce really ask of entrepreneurs. And to our surprise, this was not too bad. Together with entrepreneurs, we looked at how they process, or would like to process, their accounts. With this, we developed a new bookkeeping method: Entrepreneur-oriented Bookkeeping. It allows entrepreneurs to do the accounting themselves and understand how they are doing financially."

Where is Jortt heading?

"Jortt is always evolving. The iOS App, a fully automated digital annual report, a new inbox, a ..... Jortt is a good and complete accounting programme, but if you let your imagination run away with it, so much is still possible!"

What does Rinkel mean to you?

"Rinkel is just cool. It does what it needs to do, without the hassle of traditional phone solutions. Who still wants a landline phone? Who wants to understand a SIP protocol? Duhuu, Rinkel is a shot in the arm for SMEs."