Spotlight: House of Watt

Rinkel collega Mike
Mike Monsma
update: 15 November 2017

Work - Eat - Play; the signature words of this spotlight, House of Watt. A cosy and renewed hospitality concept in Amsterdam Oost that you should definitely visit!


House of watt, the living room of Amsterdam East

Founded in 2017, House of Watt can also be described as the living room of Amsterdam Oost. You come here to work, to eat and on weekends to play. So they have flex spaces in a spacious loft, several meeting rooms where a suitable arrangement according to your wishes is possible, a small theatre, an eat-in kitchen with something fresh every day according to the principle "Eten wat de pot schaft" and a cosy cafĂ© with a relaxed setting for, among other things, company drinks, family parties, birthdays, vrijmibo, etc. 

A renewed concept that does not think in one specific target group

Housed in an old hotel lobby, House of Watt does not think in one specific target group but in the possibilities of the location where they are located.
On weekdays, it is mainly a place to meet up (for business) - while on weekends, it is mainly families with children that know how to find this place. So it happens regularly that the director of a company attends a meeting on Wednesday and on Sunday sits with his granddaughter doing crafts, a children's cooking workshop or one of the other fun events for children that you can find on the House of Watts website.

How did you guys come up with this concept?

House of Watts was founded by four partners (Elsa, Felix, Jim and Thomas), each with their own plans for the future. These have been forged together into an innovative hospitality concept where all these ideas come together: A nice place to work, simple but very good food, a great bar and plenty of children's activities on weekends.

Are there any fun events at your place indoors?

From December, House of Watt will be all about Christmas. With lavish decorations, homemade glow wine (an invention of our own), Christmas music, indoor curling, Christmas drinks and dinners! Everything is possible!

Being reachable on a local Amsterdam 020 number without being stuck behind a desk! 

Our guests should be able to reach us on a local Amsterdam (020) telephone number. However, having a landline is rather inconvenient for us. We are busy with our guests and not sitting behind a desk all day. A "Fixed to Mobile" solution was our desire from moment one.

Initially, we had inquired with our internet provider and found that we would then have to install 4 landlines on site. To set the call forwarding active, we had to transfer each phone individually to our mobile numbers without any additional functionality.... somewhat cumbersome. Because everyone within House of Watt has their own speciality, we wanted to have a choice menu so that the caller immediately gets the right person on the line, a functionality that the Complete package at Rinkel could offer us and partly because of this, our decision to go for Rinkel was quickly made.