Spotlight: BringBring

Rinkel collega Mike
Mike Monsma
update: 24 September 2015
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BringBring is a website on which you can view menus of restaurants in Amsterdam (and surroundings) that do not deliver themselves. As a consumer, you simply place an order with BringBring after which the "Bringers" make sure the dish is picked up at your favourite restaurant and delivered to your door.

What is BringBring?

The better restaurants often focus on meal preparation and do not have the time (or ambition) to also deliver the dishes to customers' homes. After all, there is quite a lot of (extra) work involved once you want to start doing deliveries, think for example of taking orders over the phone, but also things like scooter maintenance and extra staff. That's where BringBring comes in!

Efficiency through our own software

We develop our website (and app!) entirely in-house, which means we have a very efficient system in place. For example, when an order is placed, it automatically sends the order to a Bringer who is currently closest to the chosen restaurant. This enables us to deliver an order for a restaurant in Amsterdam Noord to Amsterdam Zuid within the hour. As a customer, you will also receive the contact details of the Bringer in question immediately should you have any questions about the delivery time.

We pride ourselves on the quality we deliver per dish. We use special transport equipment to make sure we can always deliver a dish the way the chef wanted it. Also, we even deliver meals from the big well-known fast food chains!

The origins

"While gaming with my brother (now co-owner), we often had to take a break because our favourite restaurants didn't do delivery. So we had to leave the house to pick up food. At one point, we got into a conversation with a restaurant and I jokingly said that we would like to deliver for them - he agreed and BringBring was born."

Future prospects?

Right now, we are mainly working on adding new delivery services within our website and app. These include delivery of products from a butcher, florist, cosmetics, pet shop and electronics retailers. So we expect to start delivering non-food products soon as well.

How did you end up at Rinkel?

On a Sunday afternoon, we did a Google search for a new telephony provider after which we ended up at Rinkel. A chat window popped up on the site where this person spoke to us and explained. A few things were not clear and he advised us to call on Monday for a complete demonstration. We told him that we actually needed a landline phone number right away and could not wait until Monday. He immediately gave his direct phone number to speak to us. See, that's what we call heart for business! Someone who gives up his Sunday for a customer is someone we want to do business with.

All our services are electronic, so in principle we don't need a phone. However, some people do need a fixed number on which they can reach us. A 06 number is not really professional for this purpose. Rinkel offered us a nice number and advised us to transfer it to a mobile number for a monthly rate we couldn't say no to. We don't get calls very often but the times we get calls, we don't experience any hiccups or other glitches.