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update: 10 August 2015
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This week, we write in the spotlight about Bezemer Logistics. A (fast) transport company from Rotterdam with international ambitions. Fast, reliable, flexible and "Over land, through the sea and in the air", that's where Casper Bezemer and his company distinguish themselves from traditional couriers.

Bezemer Logistics focuses on the fast transport of documents, parcels and pallets. Nationally and internationally, by road and by air. From the Bezemer Logistics B.V. office in Rotterdam, national coverage is offered to all major cities in the Netherlands and Antwerp in Belgium.

Started small

Casper knows emergency transport from practice. He started behind the wheel himself 15 years ago and then obtained the necessary papers to run a transport company. Wanting to be flexible and offer the best solution, Bezemer gradually built a flexible shell around his organisation. This has created a partnership with other self-employed people and companies, enabling Bezemer Logistics to respond efficiently with the service that best suits the customer's needs. This also involves working cost-efficiently in the urgent transport segment.

Over land, through the sea and in the air

More and more often, Bezemer Logistics' clients request urgent deliveries to be transported by air. Bezemer Logistics can now offer this service. Experienced companions fly with the precious cargo on request as on-board couriers and deliver it to the right contact person. "That preciousness is often not in the attributes to be transported, but in the lost time and manpower created when delays occur. Think of the cost of a ship or drilling rig condemned to a few days of downtime," he explains. Transporting an urgent delivery quickly to or from the airport is inextricably linked to this. Expansion of express transport to all major cities in the Netherlands and Antwerp Belgium is therefore now a reality.

Why did you choose Rinkel?

We are available to our customers 24/7, so it is important that we also have control over our telephony 24/7. Of course, we are on the road a lot and it is handy that I can have my landline number dialed on my (or my colleagues') mobile phone. In addition, everything is very clear and pleasant to use.

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