Rinkel keeps on growing and moves offices

Rinkel collega Jesper
Jesper Paardekooper
update: 16 August 2015

This article was first shared on Bereik.io. Since 17 May 2022, we have changed our name from Reach to Rinkel. But don't worry, it's still us: your trusted business telephony provider.

To continue Rinkel's growth, we are moving to the centre of Rotterdam as of 17 August 2015. From this brand new office on the Weena, we can serve the market even better!


A lot has happened since Rinkel was founded on 23 October 2014 (then called "Bereik"), by Jeroen van Vierzen and Jesper Paardekooper. After more than half a year of development and preparation, Rinkel's platform was launched to the general public on 5 May 2015. Since then, Rinkel has enjoyed quite a bit of publicity, for instance, we pitched Rinkel's concept at the Week of the Entrepreneur and Rinkel was featured in Frankwatching's spotted section.

Behind the scenes, we don't stand still either. Our team has expanded considerably since 2014, with Dennis de Jong (Senior Software Engineer) as the latest addition. Through our partner programme "Your Rinkel", we provide integrations with third parties and systems, of which our SEOshop App was the first to go live.

We have already welcomed many customers and are proud of the rave reviews we receive. We continue to continuously expand and improve Rinkel, including developing a mobile app for dialing out and internationalising our service.


Due to the substantial growth we are experiencing, we have outgrown our office space. We are therefore leaving our Hellevoet roots behind and moving to a brand new office in the centre of Rotterdam!

From this location, we can serve the market even better and continue our growth. Our office is a 2-minute walk from Central Station and there is ample parking in the area.

Important: Since then, we have moved again. Our current address is Weena 505, 3013 AL, Rotterdam.