Rinkel 1 year

Rinkel collega Jeroen
Jeroen van Vierzen
update: 23 October 2015

This article was first shared on Bereik.io. Since 17 May 2022, we have changed our name from Bereik to Rinkel. But don't worry, it's still us: your trusted business telephony provider.

It was exactly 1 year ago today that entrepreneur Jeroen van Vierzen pitched the idea of Rinkel (then called "Bereik") to fellow entrepreneur Jesper Paardekooper at a restaurant in Hellevoetsluis. An affordable fixed-mobile telephony solution, with all the bells and whistles as people have known from fixed telephony for some time.

Jeroen and Jesper started developing Rinkel with the idea that everyone (young, old, technical or non-technical) can set up their entire telephony to their liking without any training. Setting up (normally) complex features such as a choice menu had to be as simple as sending an e-mail.

After its launch in May 2015, the response was rave and Rinkel has grown tremendously. Someone was soon needed to handle the day-to-day operational work. Team Rinkel reinforced itself with an all-round operational superstar, Mike Monsma. Thus, we are now able to be ready for customers day and night via live-chat, phone or e-mail!

To meet the growing demand for additional functionality and iOS/Android apps, in August 2015 Team Rinkel expanded once again with a new colleague: Dennis de Jong joined as Senior Software Engineer, allowing us to roll out great features even faster to make our customers' reachability even better. As a result, Rinkel outgrew its premises and we moved to a beautiful location in the centre of Rotterdam.

We would like to thank all our customers for their trust and we hope to be able to add even more to your reachability in the next year!