We'd like to reintroduce ourselves...

Rinkel collega Jeroen
Jeroen van Vierzen
update: 17 May 2022

Hi Jeroen here, from Bereik. Or well, I mean Rinkel of course! Because today, 17 May 2022, we are making the switch to our new identity and brand name. And let 17 May fall exactly on World Telecommunications Day. As if it was meant to be...

Almost 8 years ago, when working from home was not at all a given and everyone was still using wired business telephony - Reach.io was born. Everything that was still happening behind a desk phone at that time had to be mobile. We were determined to change the rigid telecoms market with a user-friendly and innovative product for entrepreneurs. 

Our mission eventually went much further than that. The years that followed kept us constantly rolling out features, further developing My Reach and connecting many entrepreneurs (now more than 10,000!). We quickly grew from simple calling app to sustainable and hybrid business solution. 

But meanwhile, the Reach brand remained stagnant....

With the team last year, we looked back at what we had achieved, the lessons learned and the milestones reached. We could certainly be proud of Reach. But is the brand still in line with our vision? Our international ambitions? Our goals and dreams?

We realised it was time to go back to basics:

  • Who are we?
  • Why do we do what we do?
  • What makes us unique?
  • And more importantly: How do our customers see us and what do they expect?

Since we could use some help with this, we joined forces with creative agency Morrow. A team of smart, creative minds who translated our identity and vision into a fresh, new concept: Rinkel. A new identity we are very proud of!

Our brand values

Reliable & professional. As an entrepreneur, you want to focus purely on your goals and dreams, not on side issues. So with us, there is no fuss, unclear processes or uncertainties. We do what we promise, 24/7. Clear communication, top service and the best products.

Creative & innovative. Just because it's always been this way doesn't mean it should always be this way. We are not guided by beaten paths, but by an open mind and curiosity. Creative rethinking to make tomorrow's world possible now.

Entrepreneurial & decisive. We don't just work for entrepreneurs, we are entrepreneurs. The entrepreneurial spirit is central to our corporate culture: seeing opportunities, thinking solution-focused, not waiting but doing.

Empathic & helpful. Something that the pandemic has made us extra aware of: we are not machines, but people. Sometimes things happen that you hadn't anticipated or you lose track of things for a while. Then just give us a call. We are always there for you. 

Rinkel. Switch from fixed to mobile.

Rinkel brandbook op display

Why Rinkel?

We thought our brand name Bereik was too generic. It lacked identity and is also a commonly used Dutch word. We also wanted to get rid of the '.io' domain. We felt it led to confusion and radiated less trust than a '.nl' domain.

To be fair, the new name had been on the shelf for a while. A creative hunch in 2020: "Just bought a cool name, maybe for later.".

During Morrow's concept pitch, the bell literally rang. The name fits exactly who we are and what we want to convey. The verb refers directly to telephony, is approachable and easy to remember. Although it is an 'old-fashioned' verb, we give new meaning to the word ring. With a modern and fresh look.

I rinkel, you rinkel, we rinkel.

Rinkel vormen voorbeeld brandbook

Our strength lies in convenience: simplicity from on to off. From business to private. From 06 to 010. As simple as a switch.

- Jesper, CTO

What's next?

Our new identity is just the beginning: last month, for example, we raised €1 million in growth capital from Airbridge Equity Partners. A huge milestone! But it doesn't stop there.

In fact, there are so many ideas and wishes, such as developing new features or improving our apps. Therefore the most important thing: we are going to bang really hard! New functions, new colleagues, new opportunities - but most importantly: the same great service.

Because despite all the events and our new look, we promise to always remain ourselves.

We hope you are as enthusiastic as we are! Will you let us know what you think?


CEO Rinkel


Jeroen & Jesper van Rinkel proosten met een Rinkel biertje