Phone forwarding: What is it and how does it work?

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Janine Wilbrink
update: 25 February 2021

Reachability is incredibly important as an entrepreneur. Of course, you don't want to miss customers (and therefore turnover!) when you're on the road, for instance. And being stuck with a landline phone is far from ideal. Fortunately, you can forward your (mobile) phone! Forwarding your phone means that you can be reached via your fixed number, simply via your mobile. In other words, fixed on mobile!

In this article, we will take you through everything concerning phone forwarding: how to turn it on, what you can do with it and the difference between call forwarding and call forwarding. So read on quickly! ⬇️

Are you already a Rinkel customer? Read all about call forwarding in our knowledge base!

Last updated: 16-02-2023

Persoon telefoneert

What is the difference between your phone forwarding and phone forwarding?

At Rinkel, we often use the two terms 'transfer' and 'call forward'. Although they are very similar and you might think we mean the same thing by them, they are two completely different things. In fact, they both have completely different purposes. To make the difference as clear as possible, we list them:

Call forwarding: Your landline number is always connected to your 06 number. This number is forwarded: when someone calls your landline number, the call ends up at your mobile phone. So you set up call forwarding in advance, just like queuing and answering service. This is a godsend when, for example, the following is the case:

  • You are not present;
  • You can't answer the phone;
  • You are already busy;
  • You are closed or on holiday.

So you are unable to answer? Then the caller will be transferred to, for example, a colleague, the queue or the answering service (this does depend on your settings).

Transfer: Transfer is used when someone calls you, but needs your colleague or another department, for example. Then you transfer the caller directly to the right person. You have already answered the phone and then transfer the caller.

Tip: Before transferring someone to a specific colleague, it is a good idea to let him or her know who is calling and why. That way they immediately know how or what! In addition, sometimes colleagues do not want to be disturbed. By first speaking to your colleague about the incoming call, you also know immediately whether he/she does (or does not) want to talk to the caller at that moment.

Phone forwarding: how does it work?

Call forwarding is not possible just like that. If you want to forward a fixed telephone number to your mobile phone, you need an external party (such as Rinkel) to do so.

Rinkel is a fixed-to-mobile solution that many entrepreneurs are already using! We take care of the connection between your 06- and that of your fixed number. As soon as someone calls your 085 number, 030 number or 040 number, for example, the phone will ring on the number set up first in the call forwarding. Or, if you have more phone numbers in the forwarding, to all of them. It does not matter whether you have a (business) mobile subscription with Vodafone, KPN, T-Mobile or another telecom provider.

In Rinkel's My Rinkel environment, you simply forward your mobile phone. This way you can be reached on your landline number immediately, arranged within minutes!

You can even WhatsAppen with your landline number! Read our article on WhatsApp Business with your landline number for more information.

Why forwarding your phone is a good idea

Let us convince you that forwarding your phone is a good idea! With a forwarded landline number, you are always reachable, regardless of location. This way, you enjoy all the advantages of a fixed telephone number, without the hassle of cables and/or being tied to a fixed workplace. Just fixed and mobile in 1.

Transferring a phone to your business phone number naturally offers many advantages, which we would like to walk you through:

  • Easily keep business and private life separate;
  • Determine your own welcome messages, call queue and opening hours;
  • Record a professional voice mail (or have it recorded by one of our professional voice-overs!);
  • Set up a drop-down menu so that your customers go straight to the right person or department;
  • Business WhatsAppen with your (potential) customers;
  • Extra professionalism compared to an 06 number, as described in our other blog: 'Why do I need a fixed telephone number as an entrepreneur?';
  • Record conversations and easily listen back.

You give a different impression with a landline number instead of an 06 number. Rinkel also allows you to turn on and off many settings yourself, such as a personalized greeting and opening hours.

This way, as an entrepreneur, you provide the best service for your customers; for questions as well as orders! Simply redirect via your mobile phone.

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Oude bedrade telefoons in een cirkel

Fixed phone forwarding to mobile via VoIP or GSM signal?

The current GSM (2G) network has been used in the Netherlands since 1992. If you call someone directly, you use the GSM network. The GSM network is extremely advanced in the Netherlands. As a result, you can (almost) always be reached and the sound quality while calling is very good. 

Of course, technology does not stand still and we now also have 3G, 4G and even 5G. These are data networks and thus differ from the GSM network in this respect. The 3G, 4G and 5G networks focus on internet and, to a lesser extent, on telephony. 

You probably know the situation: you are just somewhere in the polder or in the countryside. You have a break and want to scroll through your Instagram or Facebook timeline. But: no coverage. Or very slow. When you use a VoIP telephony solution, you will experience this. You won't be reachable, or reachable badly. This is in contrast to the GSM network, which is a lot more reliable.

Plus: via the GSM network, you can be reached even if you have turned off your mobile data. Handy if you run out of MBs before the month is over.

What do I need to transfer my fixed number?

We have good news: you often already have everything you need to forward a fixed telephone number. So getting this done is not an infinitely complicated process. 

  • First of all, you need a functioning phone number on which you want to be reachable. In other words: where the phone number should be forwarded to. This can be either an 06 number or already another fixed telephone number. This is often your own number.
  • Secondly, you need a working mobile phone network (2G) connection. 
  • Then you need the fixed phone number you want to be called on. This can be an existing phone number you want to move, or a new fixed phone number. You can easily order this.


How much does a phone forwarding with Rinkel cost?

Transferring a phone through companies that provide these connections (like Rinkel) comes with a cost. It's as simple as that. But: it certainly doesn't cost the jackpot.

At Rinkel, you have a choice between an Expert, Professional or Essential plan. With Expert & Professional unlimited calls are included. If you choose Essential, you will have to pay € 0,06 per calling minute.

Forwarding your landline number to a foreign phone number is no problem with Rinkel. With Rinkel you already call to 50 international destinations, both within and outside Europe! We do not charge extra for this.

Are you with a team and would you like to add more users to your landline number? Then simply add them. You can best compare a user to a mobile phone number to which you can forward the landline number.

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Verhuisdozen op een bureau

Can I move my landline number to Rinkel?

The short answer: yes! We understand that number portability is important for many business owners. For example, because you've been using the phone number for years, or because it's printed everywhere. Of course, it's a shame to reprint all your t-shirts and business cards just because you're switching business telecoms providers.

However, there are some snags here. We can only move fixed (regional, 088 or 085) telephone numbers. 06, 0800, 0900, 0906 or 084 telephone numbers cannot be moved. 

Please note that moving a phone number can take up to 5 working days. If you want to move several phone lines, we advise you to contact your current provider as well. 

Do you want to move a 088 number? Then we need proof of ownership. This could be an invoice from your previous telecom provider, or the registration certificate from the ACM.

Do you have more questions about call forwarding at Rinkel? Then check out our knowledge base or chat with us via the button at the bottom right.