Number porting free of charge: 5 reasons why Rinkel is the best option for Fixed to Mobile

Jolijn Buitelaar
update: 14 February 2024

Hey entrepreneur! Are you looking for a (new) telecom solution? Then keep reading and discover the possibilities.

At Rinkel, we are dedicated to improving the business telephony of entrepreneurs every day through new features and options. With our Fixed to Mobile solution, we offer entrepreneurs a lot of flexibility thanks to our virtual phone system with various functions.

Read more about this service and its benefits in this article. Find out how easy it is to switch to Rinkel for free while retaining your business phone number, without missing a single business call. During the transition, you'll remain reachable at your business phone number at all times! Curious to learn more? Continue reading below

Make and receive calls on your business number using your own mobile phone or computer

That's exactly what Fixed to Mobile from rinkel means. Rinkel transfers your fixed telephone number(s) to your mobile phone. This way, you can be reached for business calls on your own mobile phone, or you can choose to make calls via the Webphone using your laptop or computer.

With this solution, you can easily keep your business and personal communication separate without the need for additional hardware, such as phones or SIM cards. You only need your own mobile phone, regardless of which mobile provider you have.

Imagine: you're a busy entrepreneur who is frequently on the road, but you still want to be available to your clients anytime, anywhere. With Rinkel, you can carry your business phone number in your own pocket, while maintaining your professional image and work-life balance.

5 reasons why you want to choose Fixed to Mobile from Rinkel

We understand that there are many business telephony solutions, and it can be challenging to make a choice. That's why we've listed the key benefits of Rinkel to hopefully assist you in making a decision.

  • Easy to use

Rinkel's platform is designed to be user-friendly so that you remain in control of your business telephony. You can have an active business phone number from Rinkel within 2 minutes. And the settings for your landline number you can arrange yourself in just a few clicks online, via My Rinkel on your browser or in the mobile app.

  • Stable network

Rinkel incurs no internet costs for you and your users, and your connection is much more stable than with VoIP. This is because our connection is established through your own GSM network— the same systems used when making calls with your mobile number. In other words, there is no involvement of the internet (VoIP)  

  • Cost-effective

With Rinkel you save on various costs for your business telephony. You have no extra hardware costs; no purchase costs for phones or SIM cards, because you only need your own cell phone. Additionally, you don't use the internet to make calls with your business phone number from Rinkel, saving you on internet costs while maintaining a reliable connection. In summary, Rinkel is much more cost-effective than an all-in-one business phone solution. 

  • The best service

Customers give us an average rating of 9.2, and we are very proud of this. At Rinkel, you have full control over your telephony, but if you ever encounter any issues, just give us a call! Our customer support representatives are available from Monday to Friday and are more than happy to assist you.

  • Switch to Rinkel for free and keep your business number

Switch easily and free of charge to Rinkel with your current landline number. And do not be afraid to miss calls or lose money during the move to Rinkel. You are always reachable during the move and it is all arranged within 5 working days. See below how it works.

Switching easily and free of charge

At Rinkel, you can easily switch through our online ordering process. In the first step, check the box for 'keep my currrent number free' Enter your current landline number, and we'll take care of the rest! It's that simple!  

Switching to Rinkel is free, and you can activate a subscription starting from €9,00 per month. For the transfer of your landline number, take 2-5 business days into account, depending on your current provider. As mentioned earlier, you'll remain reachable during this transfer. 


What do our customers say

We've been asking our customers about Rinkel's use and service for years. We are now hundreds of reviews down and score an average of 9.2! See below one of these great reviews:

good service and clear app
For 2 years we took our cell phone everywhere with our landline number via the ringing app when the business was still under construction. Now that we are a little further along we continue with just the webphone. This connection is spot on and we were able to upload a professionally recorded voicemail. We were able to import the entire contact file in no time and it is now in webphone. Small effort, even for someone like me who doesn't understand much about computers. In the beginning I ran into some questions and sometimes wrong settings, but the helpdesk always helped me quickly and competently. All in all, highly recommended!

Floatcentrum West-Friesland

After all Rinkel offers a great business telephony solution with the Fixed to Mobile integration. It offers extra flexibility and the system makes it easy to keep business and personal separate without additional hardware costs. The easy and free switching makes Rinkel the perfect choice for business owners looking for a (new) provider.