Looking back on 2021: Webphone, Barcelona & more!

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 23 December 2021

In 2021, we welcomed many new entrepreneurs again! New companies who started in 2021, or who were looking for professionalism with a fixed telephone number in the past year.

But we also:

  • Worked very hard on our product;
  • Launched the Webphone;
  • Learned a lot on all fronts and in doing so, got a bit smarter every time;
  • Shared a lot of laughter and fun (because you can't just work, right?).

We take you on a trip through "a year at Rinkel"!


New features in 2021

29 April 2021: The update to the call recording feature was launched! Available from this date for all subscriptions. All your calls saved for 60 days for only €5 per month.

23 September 2021: After extensive testing, on this day we officially launched the Rinkel Webphone for all Rinkel Essential and Complete customers! 

Built with the very latest technology (WebRTC), we have really been 'pioneering', as colleague Jesper so nicely describes it. After all, with this technology, you don't need any extra programmes to make calls via your computer. Which makes it easier for you to adopt and more secure!

Other companies that also use WebRTC for (video) calling from the browser include Microsoft Teams & Zoom. Unfortunately, you can't make video calls with Rinkel. But, the possibilities are endless. (Are we still looking for people for this, by the way. Hint: Vacancies)

Year-round: Of course, throughout the year we fixed bugs and improved the My Rinkel platform and the My Rinkel apps. Although you didn't necessarily think about it, we did a lot behind the scenes!

3 new colleagues!

The new year soon started well (even if I say so myself ;-)) when Janine started at Rinkel in February, strengthening the marketing team.

Then, at the end of August, Max de Hertogh joined the Rinkel team, where he reinforced the marketing team as a marketing intern. At the same time, he was busy with a survey, the results of which we will implement 2022!

About two weeks after Max's arrival, Quintie started as a Supporter! With a growing client base comes more and more queries and to keep our figure as high as it is, we were eagerly looking forward to Quintie's arrival!

In 2021, as a team, we have...

  • Downed 2 cans of surströmming;
  • celebrated our 7th anniversary;
  • had a delicious dinner at the Stadshaven Brewery in Rotterdam;
  • accepted our second FD Gazelle nomination;
  • held countless Wednesday afternoon get-togethers;
  • organised a European Championship pool (which Dennis won);
  • Hit the 6,000 customer mark!

And of course (if you follow us on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn you already know this) we all went to Barcelona for a weekend! 

Team Rinkel in de Sagrada Familia in Barcelona
Team Rinkel at the Sagrada Familia

Anyway... we are looking forward to 2022! To all the new clients we will welcome, milestones we will achieve and all that the new year has to offer.

Until the next one!