Increasing work happiness: how Blue Monday doesn't have to affect you

Jolijn Buitelaar
update: 17 January 2024

While many people lose themselves in a stream of negativity on the third Monday of January, at Rinkel we actually dive into a sea of positivity.  

Blue Monday is often considered the gloomiest day of the year. But why is this? British psychologist Cliff Arnall determined this day in 2005 claiming that after the cosy holiday season, many people feel dejected, also due to the grey weather and the Monday after the weekend. And while that may all be true, there is also plenty of room to start these days on a positive note.

How Blue Monday has no change in a happy work week

Don't let Blue Monday affect you and discover here how you can transform this day into a source of positive energy. Start the week with a smile and a generous dose of work happiness using the following strategies.

Understand the origin of Blue Monday

To overcome Blue Monday, it is important to understand its origin. Blue Monday stems from dark winter weather, the return to the work routine after the weekend, and the end of the holiday season.

By understanding this, you can also easily turn it around; enjoying the warmth of the holidays, snuggle up under a blanket at home for a little while longer, and return to work refreshed after the weekend. You've probably heard this cliché before: "Mindset is everything." Well all clichés are true, and this one is no exception.

Use this time to recharge and enjoy the rest you have right now. The upcoming warmer period is often a lot busier and now you have all the time you need to prepare for it. 

Monday as a fresh start

If we view every Monday as an opportunity for a new beginning, it suddenly becomes more motivating to give our best every Monday. Consider it a fresh start, full of possibilities and opportunities for a new working week. It's a moment to give your good intentions another chance and begin the week productively.

Create a positive monday routine

By implementing a positive Monday routine, you won't give Blue Monday a chance to dominate. Start your day with something you enjoy. This could be a morning run, a calm breakfast with a book, or an inspiring podcast. Whatever you choose, make sure it provides a healthy dose of motivation and turn it into a habit.

5 Practical Tips to Boost Daily Job Satisfaction

The key to a happy workweek often lies in daily habits. Below are 5 tips you can immediately apply to your daily life to increase job satisfaction.

1. Prioritize Rest and Relaxation
Consciously schedule moments for rest and relaxation into your daily routine. Both in and outside the workspace, a good night's sleep, relaxation, and regular breaks are essential for maintaining an energetic and positive feeling at work and in life.

2. Embrace the Outdoors
Make sure  you get plenty of fresh air each day. Take a short walk outside during your break or opt for an outdoor lunch. It not only boosts your energy levels but also benefits your immune system and mood.

3. Plan Enjoyable Breaks
Integrate fun into your workday by playing a short game or sharing laughs with colleagues during breaks. Take a moment for a relaxing activity so that you can return to work with a fresh perspective after the break.

4. appreciate Strong Collaborations
Work satisfaction thrives in an environment where there is room for a tight team. Invest in open communication and build strong relationships with colleagues. Collaboration boosts your productivity and creates a positive work atmosphere.

5. Appreciate and Acknowledge Achievements
Take the time to celebrate successes, small and large. Both personal and team achievements deserve attention. Sharing successes creates a positive atmosphere and motivates everyone.

building sustainable happiness at work

Sustainable happiness at work is achievable, but it requires daily attention and investment. Create a work environment where moments of joy are part of the daily routine.

A crucial factor in sustainable job happiness is cultivating a positive work environment. Considering the physical environment, but also the company culture. Strong communication, appreciation, and respect will support this. Flexible working methods, such as working from home or flexible working hours, will also contribute to better work performance. 

Daily investment in personal development leads to continuous growth and opportunities for both personal and professional advancement. Here, strong team relationships play a crucial role for sustainable job happiness. Appreciation and respect from colleagues foster a strong team bond.

Not being okay is also okay

Many strive for a constant feeling of happiness and satisfaction, but in the hustle and bustle of life, it's normal to occasionally experience moments when things don't quite go smoothly. And that's completely okay. It's important to realize that not being okay is just as natural a part of life as being happy. Acknowledging and accepting that you sometimes feel less is often the first step toward recovery. It opens the door to understanding, both for yourself and for others. Give yourself the time and space to find the feeling of happiness again.

Use the tips in this article to move towards a happier (work) life where Blue Monday is nothing more than a name. Let these insights guide you to a positive and energetic working week!