How we use Rinkel at Rinkel for top-of-the-class customer support

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 23 January 2024

At Rinkel, we believe in making things simple and efficient. This is important for you as a business owner, employee, or team leader. You need a communication tool that fits easily into your daily work. That’s why we created Rinkel, a phone service for businesses that meets your unique needs.

Our service is reliable and gives great call quality. This means your can trust your phone system and focus more on growing your business.

We help other business owners set up their Rinkel accounts every day. But for our own use of Rinkel, we hardly need to change anything since we’ve set it up. It’s quick and easy!

Easy communication: call forwarding

We use Rinkel to handle many phone numbers for different parts of our business, like our helpdesks in the Netherlands, Spain, and Sweden. Our system changes automatically depending on who is available. This means our team spends less time adjusting settings and more time helping customers.

We try to answer your calls quickly. When you call our Support, all the available team members’ phones ring, whether they use the Webphone or their mobile phones: we use both.

Did you catch us at rush hour? Then you might end up in the queue. But don’t worry: that rarely happens. And if it does, it’s only very briefly.

Good work-life balance with set working hours

Our work hours are from 9AM to 5:30PM on weekdays. We set these hours in our system so that our team can have a good balance between work and personal life. If you call outside these hours, you’ll hear a message telling you we’re closed, but you can leave a voicemail. We’ll listen to it when we’re back.

Better work with integrations

We also use other tools with Rinkel, like Slack. When someone is on the phone, a telephone emoji shows next to their name in Slack. This helps us know when our Support team is busy and when they are available. It’s helpful for the Support team and everyone else at Rinkel.

This integration is an example of how we use technology to simplify our work processes.

ai insights

We are really excited about a new feature called AI Insights. It helps us understand our support calls better. We can find calls quickly, see what problems are coming up, and know what our customers are thinking about.

AI Insights helps our Support team give you even better assistance and improves our service.