Your business phone system ready for the holidays: 4 tips

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 18 November 2021

Yes indeed, it's almost here already: with 8 days left until Black Friday, 17 days until St Nicholas, 37 until Christmas and 43 until New Year's Eve, we really need to start thinking about how we're going to spend the holidays. Who to celebrate Christmas with? What to do with New Year's Eve? And presents with St Nicholas?

But also choices you have to make for your company. For instance, will you remain fully accessible during the holidays? Or not? Or do you want to give your customers a different experience by playing Jingle Bells in the queue, for instance?

We give you 4 handy tips for your telephony during the holidays. Read on soon! ↓

Last updated: 16 February 2023

Mensen aan het werk in kantoor met kerstboom op de voorgrond

#1: Adding extra colleagues to the forwarding list

Are you stunting a special promotion during Black Friday, or experiencing your annual high during the holidays? Then put extra colleagues on forwarding, so they can also take calls from customers and support you.

That way, you don't have to take care of everything on your own and you can also focus on processing and packing orders. And, most importantly, this way you will also be on time before St Nicholas arrives at the door, or Christmas dinner is served.

All subscriptions at Rinkel are monthly and immediately active. In other words: always up and down within a few clicks. It couldn't be easier!

#2: Adjust opening hours, record business voicemail or activate the answering service

Do you have special opening hours during the holidays? Then set your opening hours in good time! That way, you can be sure you won't get calls while you're closed, or the calls will come through if you're open especially longer.

What do you want to happen outside your special opening hours? Set up a special business voicemail for Christmas, for example, or have the answering service pick up when your business is closed!

Set your opening hours directly

#3: Setting up a queue

Busy, busy, busy! You know how it goes: you're already busy and then everyone calls at the same time. While you're just fist-deep in packaging material, or just hanging up your 3rd call in 10 minutes.

Set up a queue: specially made for moments like these. Don't lose your caller immediately, but make them wait (with special Christmas hold music!) until you have time for the next caller. 

During the holidays, are there structurally too many people in the queue and are you at a loss for words? Put extra colleagues on the call forwarding line and divide the load between them. Or opt for a choice menu!

Set up your queue

#4: Set up a special welcome message

Do you have a special promotion, or do you just want to get your callers in the Christmas spirit before they actually speak to you? Or do you want to announce that you are closed (or open) during Christmas?

Then go for a special welcome message. Such as:

  • "Ho, ho, ho! Welcome to [Company name]. Santa has already visited us and left a present for everyone! On 24 December, 15% off all orders in our webshop! Have a question, or would you like to speak to a member of staff? Then stay on the line."
  • "Welcome to [Company name]. We are open every working day from 9am to 5pm. One of our staff will speak to you as soon as possible. Especially for Sinterklaas, we have a temporary promotion: 15% off all purchases in our webshop! Need more information? Then visit our website []. 
  • "Welcome to [Company name]. On 25 and 26 December we have special opening hours and will be open from 10:00 to 15:00. One of our staff will speak to you as soon as possible."

Managing your webshop & stock from your computer and making phone calls at the same time? Then use the new Rinkel Webphone! Available for all plans!

Tip: Go for the ultimate spoken message during the holidays and order a professional voice-over. Quality guaranteed!


You see: even though it is so busy during the holidays, there are plenty of solutions so that you can still keep your cool when it comes to your telephony. Without having to literally push your head into the snow.

Want to adjust your settings right away, or record your special voicemail or welcome message?