A landline number on your mobile: Free yourself from the cord

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Janine Wilbrink
update: 17 June 2021

A landline number on your mobile with Rinkel's Fixed on Mobile solution. Out with the curly cord and fixed phones in the office! The future is flexible, accessible everywhere, scalable and cheap: fixed on mobile. All this without having to sacrifice a single iota of professionalism. And all that for less than € 5 a month.

We hear you think: a fixed telephone number, is that still a thing in 2021? Fortunately, we have the answer to that too! And that is: yes! Many companies use a landline phone number, mainly because of the professionalism it exudes.

Last updated: 15-02-2022

Vrouw op balkon scrollt op haar mobiele telefoon

What is a fixed number on your mobile?

A fixed number on your mobile is the forwarding of a fixed telephone number to your 06 number. By a fixed telephone number we mean national business numbers: 088 and 085 numbers and local telephone numbers, such as 010 for Rotterdam and 020 for Amsterdam.

All phone numbers we issue are managed by us and can be used immediately after creating the account. You choose a fixed number for your company, customer service, account manager or colleague and put the relevant 06 number in the forwarding. 

We then ensure that, when someone calls your landline number, you receive the call on your 06 number. You can think of it as a kind of connection being made between the landline number and the 06 number. 

And transfer charges? We don't do that.

Want to know for sure if a landline number is for you? We've devoted a previous blog to it, including the advantages of a fixed number over an 06 number. "Why do I need a fixed phone number as a business owner?"

Is fixed to mobile from Rinkel a VoIP solution?

Unlike many other providers, a fixed number on your mobile with Rinkel is always over the GSM network and therefore not over 4G or internet. Fixed on mobile from Rinkel is therefore not a VoIP solution.

The fact that our fixed-to-mobile integration is not a VoIP solution is a conscious choice. The GSM network is much more stable, reliable and has greater coverage within the Netherlands. So we guarantee that you always have the highest possible call quality. 

No hiccups, dropped calls or sky-high costs because you forgot to increase your MBs. 

Plus: you don't need an extra SIM card!

Fixed number on your mobile for teams

Collaborate with your colleagues on the same phone number? Set up call forwarding (also called call plan) the way you want. 

  • Choose to have all phones ring at the same time: the first to pick up the phone has the call. All other phones then immediately stop ringing.
  • Set a sequence. Let the reception desk ring first, then the account manager and then customer service? 

You are the boss! You set it as you want and as works for your company. Even if you want to give all your colleagues their own fixed telephone number.

Mensen aan het werk aan een volle tafel

The benefits of fixed to mobile at a glance

A fixed number on your mobile is part of the new way of working: it is the future. On the road a lot? Working partly from home? Flexible workplaces? No problem at all: with fixed-to-mobile you can be reached on your fixed number no matter where you are. 

Even if you are temporarily abroad on a business trip. The phones that are still everywhere on desks? Those are definitely going away. Just as home phones are becoming increasingly rare, desk phones will suffer the same fate with the advent of fixed-to-mobile.

Besides fixed to mobile being the future, there are other advantages:

  • Flexible - can be taken anywhere, you are (literally) not tied to anything and can be customised to your liking
  • No setup costs - just € 0 and no hidden or duplicate costs
  • Directly accessible - no more waiting times: just reachable right away!
  • A professional call centre in your hand - set everything from the My Rinkel app
  • Scalable - new colleague? Create a new user and your new colleague can be reached directly as well
  • Flexible plans - choose the subscription type that fits your needs

So you can be reached professionally as you wish: you decide when what needs to be done. Standard voicemail playback after 17:00? Transfer to the answering service at the weekend? With fixed to mobile, you keep your business and private life separate.

What do I need to get started with fixed-to-mobile?

You're in luck: you don't need to buy anything extra before you can start with fixed to mobile from Rinkel! The only thing you need is a working phone number: by that we mean your 06 number. That's how we know where the call should go. 

So you don't need an extra SIM card, you don't need to increase your MBs and you can also leave your minutes bundle alone: your private subscription (from Vodafone or T-Mobile, for example) is separate from your subscription with Rinkel. So you never have double charges when you receive calls on your landline or answer calls. 

While creating your account, you choose the phone number you want and the subscription that suits your needs. As soon as you have completed the last step in the ordering process, your 06 number will immediately be forwarded to your chosen fixed number.

So you can literally be reached within 5 minutes!

Through My Rinkel you can customise everything as you wish, including: choice menu, voicemail, custom greeting, answering service and call recording. You can also easily manage your administration through Mijn Rinkel. 

TIP: Do you temporarily have another 06 number? Or do you want your landline to be forwarded to another 06 number during your summer holiday? You can easily arrange that too via My Rinkel!

As a customer of Rinkel you get

  • Excellent customer service: we did not get that 9+ for nothing!
  • A 085 number, 088 number or regional number of your choice! (like 070 area code, 020 number or 036 area code)
  • Access to My Rinkel, where you can customise your telephone exchange
  • Access to the My Rinkel app for iPhone & Android to manage your PBX and make calls with your fixed number 

And since September 2021: also calling from your browser via the Rinkel Webphone!

Want to know more about a fixed number on your mobile with Rinkel? Ask your question in our chat (bottom right), call us on 085-0609000 or send an email to [email protected]. Our support hero Arthur is eager to get you started!