Rinkel & the FD Gazelle Awards 2020

Rinkel collega Lichelle
Lichelle van der Wiel
update: 30 October 2020

Last Wednesday, we received some nice news from the FD Gazelle team. We officially belong to the 772 fastest growing organisations in the Netherlands! A very nice recognition, in an already very special week! Indeed, this week we counted 5,000 entrepreneurs who want to be professionally accessible through us (more on this later). In any case, our week is already amazing!


One of the fastest growing businesses

Of course, we were already aware of the rapidly rising figures, but the fact that our growth has now also been recognised with an award made even our most level-headed developer enthusiastic (right Jesper?). This year, we may call ourselves FD Gazelle 2020 because we are one of the fastest growing organisations in the Netherlands. And we are certainly proud of that!

What are the FD Gazelle awards?

The FD Gazelle Awards are prizes presented by Het Financieel Dagblad. By presenting these awards, the fastest-growing organisations in the Netherlands are recognised. On the basis of various criteria, companies can win prizes. Each company falls under its own region (North, East, South, West) and its own turnover category (small, medium or large). 

Gold, silver or bronze?

Besides being allowed to call ourselves FD Gazelle 2020 right now, we also have a chance to be in the top 3. This is because the FD Gazelles are divided into 12 categories and, for each category, three additional awards (the gold, silver and bronze FD Gazelle Award) are handed out to the top three. These awards will be handed out (digitally) on 18 November 2020, so who knows, we might fall in the prizes there too! And quite honestly, we're obviously going for gold....

We'll keep you posted!