Discover the secrets of WhatsApp Business

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 29 January 2024

In this space, we will dive into the universe of WhatsApp Business, unveiling some tricks that will help you make the most of your business landline with Rinkel. Get ready to boost your online presence and connect more effectively with your customers. 


Showcase your catalog: engagement in action!

When managing a business, showcasing your products or services attractively is crucial. WhatsApp Business makes this task easy through the "Showcase" feature. Make the most of this tool by uploading irresistible photos of your products and adding direct links to your website for easy purchases. 
Let's consider an example – imagine you manage a bakery with an incredible variety of cupcakes. Sharing tempting images of your creations and adding a direct link to your website will not only grab attention but also make it easy for customers to place online orders. 
Wondering how to set up your customized catalog on WhatsApp Business? It's straightforward; discover it in this video.

Automated responses: a trusted ally during your breaks

Automated responses act as your personal assistant, working tirelessly even when you take a break. Set them up to inform your customers when you're unavailable and when they can expect a detailed response.
For instance, let's consider a common situation – your mid-morning lunch break. Configure an automated response that says: "Thank you for your message. I am currently away. I will respond to your inquiry as soon as I return to my desk. If it's urgent, please contact this number."
Automated responses not only manage customer expectations but also ensure that you receive messages only when you can provide adequate attention.

Keep your status updated: fresh news for your customers

Freshness is key in the digital world, and your status on WhatsApp Business is your tool to keep customers informed. Regularly update it with the latest news, special offers, or exciting events. Let your customers feel the excitement of always being connected with you. 
Let's imagine a specific scenario – suppose you launched a new product line. Change your status to share the news: "Discover our latest collection. Explore our online catalog to see all the new arrivals and get ready to be surprised!" 
Keeping an updated status not only informs your customers but also generates anticipation and enthusiasm around your brand, making it more appealing. 


Quick polls on WhatsApp Business: gather information! 

Polls on WhatsApp Business can effectively be used to gather information from your clients. On WhatsApp Business you can’t send out chats withouts perrmission, but once you’ve got permission to approach a client, you can also start sending out polls.  
Sending a poll is very easy. In WhatsApp you go to a chat and you click on the text bar and then on the plus. Here you’ll see the option ‘poll’. Once you click on this functions you can add a question and multiple answers.  
Send this poll to your clients and use it to gather useful information about your product or service. For example useful feedback about your product which you can use to improve.

In conclusion, WhatsApp Business offers a set of features that can transform your business. At Rinkel, we strive to help our customers make the most of these advantages. With the Rinkel landline number linked to your WhatsApp Business profile, improving your work-life balance without neglecting your customers becomes a reality. 

Discover and enjoy everything WhatsApp Business has to offer, stay informed about the latest updates in our blogs aimed at businesses continually enhancing their customer service. 🚀📱