Once upon a time, an entrepreneur went on holiday...

Rinkel collega Jeroen
Jeroen van Vierzen
update: 20 July 2020

Entrepreneurs who really indulge in their holidays, I haven't met them yet. We all recognise the 'I just have to process an e-mail' moment. Only to join in again around dinner time. Yet more and more entrepreneurs see the value of 'doing nothing for a while'. Time for yourself, your family and for new insights!

But how do you do this with your business phone? Missing important calls and thus losing turnover is a no-go. Therefore, 4 handy tips for your telephone (un)reachability with Rinkel!

1. free call forwarding

Can someone else take your calls during your absence? Then with all our subscriptions you can temporarily switch your (mobile) number, via 'Forwarding' in My Rinkel

Make free use of the setting, by temporarily removing your own number from forwarding.

2. order a voice-over

Can't anyone take calls from your landline? Then use a customised Voice-Over, when the caller gets your voicemail. Record the message yourself or leave it to a professional voice artist! Always state in your message why you are unreachable and when you will be back, so callers know immediately where they stand.

Tip: If necessary, refer to a separate landing page with a (holiday) offer to keep your callers interested! A professional voice-over costs €50 (75 words).

3. WhatsApp Business

Keep business and personal separate with Whatsapp. With Rinkel's landline number, you can use WhatsApp Business for free. You easily set your desired opening hours and can still speak to customers with standard replies. With the notification settings, you decide when you want to receive messages.

Always make it clear in your standard reply when you will be back and when they can expect a response.

4. answering service from Rinkel

Would you like your callers to be personally addressed during your absence? Then use our answering service. Professional service agents record the calls using your company name. The calls are recorded and e-mailed to you. This allows you to replay the calls at your convenience. 

  • Available 7 days a week from 8 a.m. to 10 p.m.
  • € 2 per answered call
  • Professional service team
  • The employee answers with your company name

Enjoy your holidays!