The benefits of Google Business Profile for your business

Rinkel collega Janine
Janine Wilbrink
update: 02 December 2021

Your company should appear as clearly and visibly as possible in the search results. Because the higher up the search list you are, the more sales you get! One of the factors that increases your visibility is setting up your Google Business Profile.

Last updated: 08 November 2022


What is Google Business Profile?

Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) is an easy way for potential customers or partners to get to know your business. You can display your logo, company name, location and business hours on your profile, among other things.

In the example below you can see what the Google results look like when you search for “Rinkel”: the entire right-hand side is our company profile in Google.

With your Google Business Profile, you increase your online presence in the search engine. It’s an accessible way for your customers to find you faster and easier (so they can buy or order something!).

Although a Google Business Profile is ideal for local businesses such as restaurants, it also has great benefits for companies operating nationwide. It helps you to build trust right away.

You can read more about trust in combination with a Google Business Profile in our earlier blog “Winning the trust of your customer: 5 tips to increase your turnover".

Want to know why you should use a Google Business Profile?
The question is, why shouldn’t you use one? It is the first way of introducing yourself and your company to potential customers.

The basic features:

  • Add your logo: the first point of recognition for your customers
  • Add your address: in this way, you also appear directly in Google Maps
  • Add your business hours
  • Your contact details
  • A description of your business: What you do, who you are , etc.
  • The category (software company, or telecoms like Rinkel)

Additional features:

  • Add articles and news items of value to your customers, for example. Such as articles on the use of products you sell or business developments. You can also promote offers and events here!
  • Reviews: People can leave a review of your business, which is directly visible in your Google Business Profile, and you can also respond to it yourself.
  • Add your own photos so people can see more about your business or location.
  • You can also create and publish a website directly from your Google Business Profile.
Vrouw zoekt iets op van Google Business Profile

What are the benefits?

You got it: a complete profile makes you easier to find and more trustworthy. How? And are there any other benefits?

  • Before you can create a Business Profile, you must verify it with Google. Not just anyone can create a business account. This immediately increases your trustworthiness in the eyes of your customers.
  • You get an insight into how often people see your Business Profile in the search results and what actions they take (visit the website, request a route or make a phone call). You are easier to find, because such a large block of text with images is actually impossible to miss.
  • With a Google Business Profile, you can be sure you’ll be displayed properly in Google Maps.
  • And it’s free!

The insights, findability and trustworthiness are extremely valuable and were an important reason for us to create a Google My Business account at the time.

The number of searches that go through Google is also a huge plus. That’s 5.6 billion searches a day!

And 91% of adults in the United States use search engines such as Google.

In other words: it’s all the more important to increase your findability.

Link your business number to your Google Business Profile

There’s another great benefit of a Google Business Profile, especially for the Android users among us.

You got it: Android phones run on Google software. A Google Business Profile is also provided by Google. They have linked them together so that verified companies with a Google Business Profile are immediately recognised when you receive a call. In other words: automatic caller ID!

For example, even if you have not saved our number (085-0609000), when we call you, you will see “Rinkel” under our phone number.

Update 08-11-2022: Does your name not display correctly? Even though you it is correct in your Google Business Profile? Read our other article "Automatic number recognition for your business number" on other steps you can take!

So you know what you should do now! Link your 085 business numbers or regional numbers to your Business Profile now and fill in all the important details about your company! You will immediately see the benefits of a Google Business Profile.