7 Tips from our helpdesk: get the most out of My Rinkel

Rinkel collega Jeroen
Jeroen van Vierzen
update: 03 October 2017

At Rinkel, we always try to maximise service for every entrepreneur we are privileged to welcome. Whether it's a newly starting "one-pounder", or a startup with several entrepreneurs working together from home; Rinkel is flexible enough to provide a solution for both types of customer.

That flexibility (and, of course, ease of use) is Rinkel's strength and the reason why we have already (proudly!) welcomed thousands of entrepreneurs.

Because of that flexibility, however, it can sometimes happen that a business owner chooses a just-not-optimal setting, without realising it themselves. Our Team Support have therefore listed a few common mistakes (and solutions, of course) for you. We also give you a few handy tips to further optimise your reachability.


Common mistakes

Opening hours accidentally set to "always closed"

When you first start using the opening hours module, the opening hours default to closed (00:00 to 00:00). Make sure not to enable opening hours until you have actually completed them, otherwise you risk being unreachable.

"Dialing out doesn't work, I only get a call in on my mobile"

That's right! To make it technically possible to dial out from your mobile phone to your landline number, we use the "Callback" principle. Basically, it means that our telephony system dials out to your mobile phone, when you pick up we transfer you to the phone number you wanted to call. On that transfer, we then ensure that the called number will see your landline number, instead of your mobile number.

"I get a busy tone / voicemail when I call my Rinkel number"

Do you happen to be calling from the same mobile phone you set up in the forwarding of your Rinkel number (and don't have call waiting on)? Then you will indeed get a busy signal. This also makes sense when you consider that you are actually calling from your mobile phone, to your own mobile number. Try calling from another phone number, or turn on call waiting. You will then see that the number can be reached as usual :-).

Tips & tricks

Making calls from the web browser

With the Rinkel Webphone, launched in September 2021, you call from your computer. Right from your browser!

Improved call forwarding

To ensure optimal reachability, we advise our customers to always select a "No answer" option in the call forwarding module. By default, the caller is disconnected when you don't answer, which is not very customer-friendly.

We therefore advise you to inform the customer at least via an audio recording that no one is currently able to answer the phone. Ideally, of course, if the customer also has the option to leave a message.

Make use of the (free) queue

The queue is a relatively new feature and is therefore not yet in use by all customers. We therefore notice that not all customers are well aware of its features. With a queue, you can really improve your accessibility. If you are sometimes unable to answer immediately (e.g. because you already have another call), you can use a call queue to ensure that the caller hangs around for a while until you are available again.

You can then choose to provide the caller with a hold music (we have selected the best for you!) and possibly play a short announcement text (e.g. "At this moment, all employees are busy, can you please wait one moment?").

Transfer to multiple numbers (or to an external answering service)

In the call transfer module, you can easily specify that (when called on your Rinkel number) the phone should ring on multiple (mobile or external) numbers. This is useful if you do not work alone, but in a small team, for example. You can also choose whether they should all ring simultaneously or one at a time.

The latter option is also perfect if you work with an external answering service. Simply enter the number of the answering service as the "last number to call".