Become a Rinkel business partner

Help your customers and earn a fee per new user! All you have to do is forward your customers to us via your unique promotional link. Together we we make telecom easy.

  • Register as a partner in no time
  • Receive a fee per user or provide discount to your customer
  • Access to your Rinkel dashboard on
Kantoorgebouw Delftse Poort, waar het kantoor van Rinkel Rotterdam zich bevindt.

partner models

At Rinkel, there are 3 ways to become a partner. Whether you opt for maximum earnings or maximum benefit for your customers, we take care of it for you.


Maximum partner earnings with every new user.
As a partner of Rinkel you receive an amount per introduced user. The amount increases with the number of users.


Customer benefit + affiliate fee
Customer & partner benefit combined. As a partner you receive an amount per user and the customer receives 3 months 50% discount.


Maximum customer benefit
Offer Rinkel at a discounted rate, 50% off for 6 months. This way, they receive a competitive offer they will certainly appreciate!

what Rinkel provides

We help entrepreneurs and teams speak to their customers in professional ways anywhere, anytime.

the new telecom for entrepreneurs 
All the conveniences of business telephony without the landline. We transfer the business number to a mobile number. This enables all business functions to be available on the mobile phone.

the smart option
Apart from the fact that Rinkel is competitively priced, you also don't need an extra (e)SIM or 2nd mobile. Save money and be more sustainable!

work and private life separated
Work-life balance is a challenge for every entrepreneur. With Rinkel's smart features, you can easily manage this without losing any business opportunities.


that your customers will benefit from

As a Rinkel partner you get...

Monthly earnings
Your earnings per user in monthly payments

Your own dashboard at
Get easy insight into your customer mutations and new customer signups.

All marketing materials in one place
Marketing support with materials, logos, digital bruchures and more to inform your customers. 

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