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For entrepreneurs from the Harlingen region.

Radiate a sense of reliability towards your regional customers, while maintaining your optimal work-life balance.

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Which region does the area code 0517 belong to?

A 0517 number is perfectly suited for businesses from the Harlingen region.

The prefix 0517 belongs to the following regions: Harlingen, Longerhouw, Schraard, Wons, Witmarsum, Pingjum, Zurich, Kornwerderzand, Breezanddijk, Franeker, Tzum, Hitzum, Achlum, Herbaijum, Dongjum, Boer, Ried, Peins, Schalsum, Zweins, Schingen, Kimswerd, Arum, Lollum, Winsum, Huns, Lions, Baard, Oosterlittens, Baijum, Welsrijp, Spannum, Waaxens (Littenseradeel), Sexbierum, Pietersbierum, Wijnaldum, Midlum, Dronrijp. 

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Which area codes does the Netherlands have?

The Netherlands is divided locally into several different area codes. These prefixes are included in the Numbering Plan of Phone and ISDN Services and were first introduced when regional telephony became possible. A Dutch number always starts with an access number, such as a 0 and ends with the regional area code.
View the complete list of area codes.

Interesting fact: before regional area codes were introduced, operators were needed to manually transfer your call. The operator would always need your city before transferring you.

Advantages of a 0517 area code

Forward your 0517 number to your 06 with fixed to mobile from Rinkel. The future-proof and sustainable telecom solution: no longer need for a second mobile, extra SIM card or landline device.

Manage your work-life balance with functionalities such as WhatsApp Business, calling from your computer via our Webphone, setting your business hours, viewing your call data with our CRM integration and many more professional features.

  • instantly recognisable for the local caller
  • convenient thanks to our professional features
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Switch from 06 to 0517 with Rinkel

The first business number is always included free in your subscription.
Find your perfect 0517 number(s) or port your existing number(s) and switch from 06 to 0517 in minutes.

Save up to 12% with an annual subscription!

essential calls: € 0.06 p/min.
9.⁹⁹ 8.⁹⁹
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standard features to get started:
  • a business number
  • call forwarding
  • webphone
  • business voicemail
professional unlimited calls
19.⁹⁹ 17.⁹⁹
user / month get started
all of the essential features, plus:
  • custom greeting
  • business hours
  • transferring
  • call waiting
expert unlimited calls
24.⁹⁹ 21.⁹⁹
user / month get started
all of the professional features, plus:
  • integrations
  • voice menu
  • call recording
  • queue + hold music

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Young and fast company, all the functionalities you need as a dynamic startup & fair price! They are also very accessible for questions!


Nice simple solution, I mainly use it as a WhatsApp number. Nice solution for a great price!

VanThuys peanut butter

I used to be a customer and switched to a VoIP number, but I didn't like it. I'm back now because I know it works. In addition, the customer service is very fast and helpful.

Professional company with good service at a fair price! What I especially appreciate is that they're constantly improving their services. And they are very helpful!

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How to apply for a 0517 number?

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