so, what is
a 085 number?

A 085 number is a national phone number for companies, entrepreneurs and teams.

Request a 085 number from Rinkel: your first number is always free with your subscription!

  • professional look and feel
  • no extra costs for your caller
  • reachable from abroad

What does a 085 number cost?

The first 085 number is free when you take out one of our plans. Choose from hundreds of numbers with the prefix 085. That’s how you Rinkel.


calls: € 0.06 min.

4.99 per month Order

free calls

14.99 per month Order
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plans & features

Basic Basic
Complete Complete

Unlimited calls are subject to a Fair Use Policy.

Choose from regional, international (085/088) and international numbers.

Landline calls via your laptop or computer.

Place a caller temporarily on hold at peak times. Optional: hold music.

Set up your business voicemail with your own recording or have it recorded by a voice artist.

Link the landline number to WhatsApp Business and chat with your customers from a business account.

Synchronise your call data with 5,000+ systems, such as your own CRM.

We do not charge any extra call charges or connection fees for calling abroad.

Extra feature: record all calls. Only €5 p/m.

Extra feature: Not available for a while? Let the Rinkel Answering Service take care of your caller for € 2 per call.

Indicate when you want to be available and receive a notification when a call comes in outside your opening hours (optional).

"Welcome to Rinkel, you will be redirected to one of our staff".

Simply transfer an ongoing call to a colleague or department.

Save your team and your caller time and avoid unnecessary call transfers.

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Rinkel benefits
  • 9.2 customer rating
  • flexible prices and contracts
  • first number for free
  • works within minutes
  • reliable network of KPN, Vodafone, T-Mobile, and more

Switch from 06 to 085

A 085 number already enhances your company’s trustworthiness and professional image.

But Rinkel even goes one step further: we bypass the need for a landline device, and transfer all landline calls to your mobile! So you can keep your professional image, but stay flexible. 

And if you don't have time to answer the phone? Then there are several ways you can handle the call (voice menu, voicemail or queue). Or let us pick up for you!

That’s how you Rinkel!

User reviews

our customers on Rinkel


Young and fast company, all the functionalities you need as a dynamic startup & fair price! They are also very accessible for questions!


Nice simple solution, I mainly use it as a WhatsApp number. Nice solution for a great price!

VanThuys peanut butter

I used to be a customer and switched to a VoIP number, but I didn't like it. I'm back now because I know it works. In addition, the customer service is very fast and helpful.

Professional company with good service at a fair price! What I especially appreciate is that they're constantly improving their services. And they are very helpful!

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Frequently asked questions about a 085 number

You can be reached on your 085 number as soon as you order it!

Yes, you can port your current landline number(s) to Rinkel free of charge!

The first 085 number is free when you take out one of our monthly subscriptions. Check out our plans.

Yes, Rinkel works with monthly subscriptions.

Yes, 085 numbers are free to order and are used by entrepreneurs with national ambitions.

Yes, you can link a 085 number to WhatsApp Business.

No, Rinkel forwards your business line to your mobile. So your business callers can reach you anywhere, without being tied down to a workplace.

How does applying for a 085 number work?

  • 1 choose the 085 number you want
  • 2 choose your plan
  • 3 works immediately

085 numbers in a nutshell

What is a 085 number?

A 085 number is a 10-digit telephone number, which is not bound to a region in the Netherlands. The prefix 085 gives your company a professional image throughout the country. So numbers with a 085 prefix are ideal for entrepreneurs who operate nationwide. What’s more, your caller pays no extra call charges or setup fees.

A nationwide image with a 085 number

With a 085 number, your company can be located anywhere in the Netherlands. It makes no difference to the caller whether your company is around the corner or on the other side of the country. A nationwide phone number such as a 085 number is ideal when you are not location-bound, but do business all throughout the Netherlands.

A regional number for a local look

Are you a local entrepreneur, serving customers within the region? Then we recommend a regional number.