What is a 085 number?

A 085 number is a national number ideal for businesses, entrepreneurs and teams.

Request a 085 number from Rinkel: your first number is always included free with your plan!

  • professional appearance and functionalities
  • no extra costs for your caller
  • reachable even from abroad

Switch from 06 to 085

A 085 number already enhances your company’s credibility and professional appearance.

Yet Rinkel goes even one step further: we eliminate the need for an extra landline device and transfer all business calls direct to your mobile instead.  This means you can stay flexible and keep your professional appearance wherever you are.

And if you don't have time to answer the phone? Then there are several ways you can handle the call (voice menu, voicemail or queue). Or let us pick up for you!

That’s how you Rinkel!

Customer reviews

With more than 10.000 users, see what everyone is saying about us


Young and fast company, all the functionalities you need as a dynamic startup & fair price! They are also very accessible for questions!


Nice simple solution, I mainly use it as a WhatsApp number. Nice solution for a great price!

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I used to be a customer and switched to a VoIP number, but I didn't like it. I'm back now because I know it works. In addition, the customer service is very fast and helpful.


Professional company with good service at a fair price! What I especially appreciate is that they're constantly improving their services. And they are very helpful!

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Frequently asked questions about a 085 number

You can be called on your 085 number immediately after ordering it.

Yes, you can move your current 085 national number(s) to Rinkel free of charge.

The first 085 number is always free and included in your monthly plan. Explore our plans.

Yes, 085 numbers are free to order and are used primarily by businesses looking to benefit from the national appeal it provides.

Yes, you can link a 085 number with WhatsApp Business.

No, with a Rinkel plan we simply forward your 085 number to your mobile. That way you can be reached anywhere without being restricted (or confined) to a workplace.

How to apply for a 085 number?

  • 1 choose your ideal 085 number
  • 2 select your plan
  • 3 start calling immediately

085 numbers in short

What is a 085 number?

A 085 number is a 10-digit non-geographical telephone number that offers your business a professional appearance throughout the Netherlands. The 085 prefix is ideal for business’ who operate nationwide. Not to mention, your caller pays no extra call or service fees.

Nationwide appeal with a 085 number

With a 085 number, your company can be located anywhere in the Netherlands. It makes no difference to the caller whether you’re located around the corner or on the other side of the country. For that reason, a 085 number is perfect for businesses that are not location bound and operate through the Netherlands.

A local number for a regional impression

Are you a local business servicing customers within a specific region? Then we recommend a regional number instead.

How much does a 085 number cost?

Get your 085 number from € 9,00 per month. Your first 085 number at Rinkel is included for free in your plan. Choose your ideal number from a wide range of available 085 numbers!