Fair use policy

With a Fair Use Policy, we prevent network overload, abuse and inconvenience to other users. Use of the unlimited calling subscription (Professional and Expert Plans) is therefore not permitted by companies whose business operations are aimed at providing telephone services to third parties, including call houses or call centers.

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Last updated: May 14th 2024
Plans: Professional & Expert
Fair use: 2,000 call minutes per user per month.

fair use

For the Professional and Expert unlimited calling plan, your calling behaviour must remain within the limits of the Fair Use Policy. Fair use simply means: your use compared to the average use of other Rinkel users. The current limit is 2,000 call minutes per user per month. This applies both to incoming and outgoing calls.

temporary increased use

Are you expecting a temporary increase in call traffic, or is there a legitimate reason why you are calling more than an average user? No problem at all! Whatever your reason, please call +34 936 07 56 78 to explore your options.

how to increase the fair use limit

If you already know that the number of call minutes (2,000 per user per month) will not be enough, then you always have the option to purchase an additional user. You can do this quite easily in My Rinkel. It's not important which user calls more. For example, if you have two users and 1 user calls 4,000 minutes and the other 0, that's no problem at all!

Legal talk

Commercial use of our service is permitted only in accordance with your regular business activities. If any calling behaviour must be regarded as unreasonable or excessive use or abuse based on objective standards, Rinkel B.V. may impose additional charges and/or render the service inoperable (wholly or in part) or unilaterally terminate the agreement. Of course, the user will still bear any costs incurred (through call minutes or other purchases).

Abuse occurs if the consequences of using the Professional & Expert service cannot reasonably be regarded as normal personal use (3x normal use) or if such use is in violation of the law or generally accepted standards of care. Making large numbers of calls within a short space of time, domestically or abroad, or any other situation in which such use causes nuisance to Rinkel B.V. or a third party, also constitutes abuse. Rinkel B.V. has the right to take measures to limit or prevent abuse.