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never start it

28 February 2023

not suitable for home use it is far too expensive.

Rinkel Hi Marco, what a shame to still receive a review from you after we came to a solution together earlier this week. A solution through which you ended up with no charges. Rinkel is also used by some users as a home phone, but our product is best suited for business owners and teams. This is because of the many features and capabilities for business use. We therefore understand that for private use and your specific desire you will look at another solution :-)

Good service and clear app

27 January 2023

For 2 years we took our cell phone everywhere with our landline number via the ringing app when the business was still under construction. Now that we are a little further along we continue with just the webphone. This connection is spot on and we were able to upload a professionally recorded voicemail. We were able to import the entire contact file in no time and it is now in webphone. Small effort, even for someone like me who doesn't understand much about computers. In the beginning I ran into some questions and sometimes wrong settings, but the helpdesk always helped me quickly and competently. All in all, highly recommended!

Floatcentrum West-Friesland
Rinkel Wow, this review describes exactly the usefulness of the Rinkel PBX. Very valuable, thank you :-)

Great service!

11 January 2023

Super organization, thoughtful and quick communication! Everything works as it should. Easy app. So top!

Rinkel How nice to hear, only many more (bicycle) bells are ringing!


9 January 2023

program and app works well, service is fast! highly recommended

Rinkel Here our developers are going to feast again Kridon, thanks!


6 January 2023

Fine company.

Berk Schoonmaak
Rinkel We do that nicely :-) thanks!

What a relief, great

6 January 2023

Easy to set up and manage and it works very stable.

Rinkel Michel, there is nothing better than receiving such a review on a drizzly Friday. Thanks!