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Totally satisfied

8 September 2023

super nice getting business messages in this way, all on my regular phone. I can recommend it to everyone

Monique Broekhuis Pmu
Rinkel Getting business messages and phone calls in, and all with your regular phone yes. That's exactly what we do. Glad you appreciate this so much Monique and thank you so much for your lovely review!

Great product, clear system and helpful customer service.

6 September 2023

Great product, clear system and helpful customer service.

Rinkel How helpful they are, at our customer service. And how nice that you appreciate our product so much :) We'll do everything we can to keep it that way for you, thanks for the review!

Easy and clear

15 August 2023

Working with Rinkel is easy and everything is clear. Questions are also answered quickly. We are very satisfied so far.

Stichting Operation Education
Rinkel How nice Claudia, that you outline exactly what we would like to achieve with Rinkel. Thank you for this very nice review, our day is all good again :)

We had to get used to it

31 July 2023

Thanks to Arthur van Rinkel's solution-oriented approach, we now have a working telephone solution for our business. In hindsight, it just works very simply, but you have to give it a little attention, which as a start-up we didn't allow ourselves the time for.

4sis Beauty & Health
Rinkel That Arthur can do a lot of things, as can all of our Support staff for that matter. But, we will certainly pass this on to him. Thank you that everything is now working properly Caroline and thank you for letting us know!


29 June 2023

Only needed it for 1 month, I had indicated I wanted to discontinue it after that. Forgot to do it myself, I was proactively called by them! Super service ?.

Frank Haver
Rinkel Sometimes we are amazed at ourselves Frank, as we are now. But how nice that we helped you so much and that you rewarded us for this with a 10. And who knows until the future!

Helped well. friendly and clear. experience of being a customer I have not yet experienced but for now satisfied and I will definitely become a customer. first monthly, experience how it is.

12 June 2023


Pim Schaap
Rinkel Thank you for your lovely review Pim! We will make every effort to make your experience as a customer at least as good, and maybe next time we will get an 11? ;-)