Switch to Rinkel with your current business number

Bring your landline number to Rinkel, regardless of the region! Order online and we'll take care of it for you.

  • bring your fixed number from anywhere in Spain
  • we take care of everything free of charge
  • arranged within max. 2 weeks

How much does it cost to switch to Rinkel?

Switching to Rinkel is free. Your first phone number is included in your subscription.


calls: € 0.06 min.

4.99 per month choose

calls: for free

14.99 per month choose
Jennifer van Rinkel glimlacht en telefoneert casually voor een rood-blauwe achtergrond

plans & features

Basic Basic
Complete Complete

Unlimited calls are subject to a Fair Use Policy.

Choose from regional, international (085/088) and international numbers.

Landline calls via your laptop or computer.

Place a caller temporarily on hold at peak times. Optional: hold music.

Set up your business voicemail with your own recording or have it recorded by a voice artist.

Link the landline number to WhatsApp Business and chat with your customers from a business account.

Synchronise your call data with 5,000+ systems, such as your own CRM.

We do not charge any extra call charges or connection fees for calling abroad.

Extra feature: record all calls. Only €5 p/m.

Indicate when you want to be available and receive a notification when a call comes in outside your opening hours (optional).

"Welcome to Rinkel, you will be redirected to one of our staff".

Simply transfer an ongoing call to a colleague or department.

Save your team and your caller time and avoid unnecessary call transfers.

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Rinkel benefits
  • 9.2 customer rating
  • flexible prices and contracts
  • first number for free
  • works within minutes
  • reliable national network

Request number porting in one click

Do you want to change provider and keep your number? Switch to Rinkel now. Free of charge.

Enter your current business number during the registration process and we will take care of everything.

Questions about number portability

No, we will arrange your number porting for free!

That depends on your current provider. Sometimes a few days, but never longer than 2 weeks! 

Any landline number with an area code throughout Spain.

How do I request number portability?

Indicate in your request that you want to port your number and we will take care of everything. Available for any Spanish landline number.

  • 1 complete your order, keeping your number
  • 2 we'll request your number porting
  • 3 your number is available in max. 2 weeks

What is number porting?

Number porting means moving your landline phone number from one provider to another. When you purchase a subscription from Rinkel with number portability, we will contact your current provider. We submit a request to them to move the telephone number.


This is often completed within a few working days, and never longer than 2 weeks!