Serve your customers from an international business number

With Rinkel you can easily sign up for a foreign phone number - ideal for the international growth of your business!

  • 50+ international destinations
  • no set-up costs
  • from € 9.99 per month

How much does an international number cost?

The service to obtain an international telephone number is personalised. In other words, they are not numbers that we usually have in stock. That's why we charge a one-off fee of € 30 to apply for your foreign phone number.

Once the application is complete, you will be able to use your number with any of our plans:

Jennifer van Rinkel in professionele kleding aan het telefoneren op een gele-roze achtergrond

plans & features

save up to 13% with an annual subscription
get your first virtual number for free when you subscribe

essential calls: 0.06 €/min.
9.⁹⁹ 8.⁹⁹
user / month pick essential
standard features to get started:
  • a business number
  • call forwarding
  • webphone
  • business voicemail
  • whatsapp business
professional unlimited calls
14.⁹⁹ 12.⁹⁹
user / month pick professional
all of the essential features, plus:
  • custom greeting
  • business hours
  • transfer to colleagues
  • call waiting
  • whatsapp business
expert unlimited calls
24.⁹⁹ 21.⁹⁹
user / month pick expert
all of the professional features, plus:
  • integrations
  • voice menu
  • call recording
  • queue + hold music
  • whatsapp business
custom tailor-made plan
request quote
for businesses with more than 5 users

a scalable phone solution for teams & larger businesses.

Switch from national to international at the touch of a button

  • perfect for your business expansion
  • local rates, no setup costs
  • greater confidence for your international clients
  • ideal for remote working

Frequently asked questions about international numbers

With Rinkel you can call more than 50 countries at the same call rate.

We have arranged international telephone numbers in Belgium, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States and England, among others. Want to know if we can also arrange your country of choice?

Contact us and we will get started right away.

Contact us and we will explain exactly what you need.

User reviews

our customers on Rinkel


Easy and simple as it should be. Easily accessible for questions. In short: top service.

Team Cargo

Ideal if you're on the go and still want a landline for a professional look. Works well and has enough options to scale up, or down.

Leenders Advice

Have been using Rinkel for a while. Recently had recordings made: cheap and quickly arranged. Do you want a landline number, but no landline? Then Rinkel is excellent. We will remain customer for a while.


Professional company with good service at a fair price! What I especially appreciate is that they are constantly improving their services. And they are very helpful!

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How can I order a foreign number?

  • 1 you get in touch with us
  • 2 we'll look at the possibilities together
  • 3 we will request your number(s) for you
  • 4 you can be reached within 1-2 weeks

International numbers in a nutshell


Requirements for applications of a foreign number

More and more customers opt for a foreign telephone number when expanding abroad. Because in this way they come across as reliable to the local caller. We already have telephone numbers in stock for several countries, including Belgium, Germany, France, the Netherlands and the United States. Feel free to call us an expert in international numbers!

We help you comply with local regulations and requirements while applying for an international phone number. These rules differ per country.

Proof of (business) residency

You almost always need proof of (business) residency to apply for a foreign telephone number. This shows that you have a home or work address in the specific country. As soon as you request an international number, we will immediately check with you which documents you need.