Telephony without limits with integrations

Automate administrative tasks, integrate Rinkel with the systems you love and streamline processes to increase your company's efficiency.

The future of business communication is here: get direct access to all Rinkel features with the new API feature. Currently available in BETA.

The possibilities are endless

Get the flexibility and freedom to work with Rinkel within the systems you love and use everyday.

  • Synchronizing your Rinkel & Office 365 contacts? Easy.
  • Automatically log call details and AI insights in your favorite CRM system? Done.
  • Update your status in MS Teams or Slack when you're on a call? Say no more.

And that's only the beginning of it! The possibilities are endless. You can even integrate Rinkel's advanced features directly into your service.

No matter what you do, you are in control: your call data is where you want and need it to be. So you can innovate without limits.

Getting started with integrations

Rinkel currently offers two types of integrations:

  • API (available in BETA, for all plans)
  • Webhooks (available in Expert only)

The benefits of working with integrations are tremendous. From freedom and flexibility, to increasing your efficiency and streamlining processes. It's every entrepreneur's dream.

The first thing you need to do is request an API key. After that, simply envision where you want the data to go, and how you want My Rinkel to communicate with your other tools. Check some examples below.

Use Webhooks to push updates to your systems

Automate workflows in your existing software applications by subscribing to real-time call events, such as incoming calls and when calls are answered and ended.

  • Send call data anywhere
  • Real-time data, 24/7
  • Extensive data available

Update & add data to calls with the API

Stay within the comfort of your favorite software systems like Salesforce, HubSpot or Pipedrive and update your call records from there! Some of the possibilities of the API include:

  • Adding, updating and deleting notes from specific calls
  • Block or unblock phone numbers
  • Listen to, download or delete voicemails and call recordings

That is the freedom of the API: your data is where you need it to be.

What will you create next?

Discover projects crafted by other businesses using Rinkel:

MS Teams / Slack integrations
Automatically update your status during a call

CRM integrations
Automatically log call details, notes and AI summaries in your CRM

Staying in-sync
Synchronise business contacts with Rinkel and tools like Office365 and HubSpot

Frequently asked questions

Everything your developer will need to know to implement the Rinkel integrations can be found in our developer documentation.

Rinkel's API has only recently launched in BETA. To get access, request your API key here.

Please note that during our public BETA, API endpoints and responses are subject to change (but don't worry, we'll let you know if we need to change anything you're using).

Great question! This is best explained using an example. Let's look at when you want to update your CRM using the integrations available.

Step 1: Using Webhooks, you subscribe to a "Call End" event. So everytime a call ends, our system sends you a notification that a call has ended, including information about the call. Like time, a unique call ID and who were on the call.
Step 2: Make sure the information of this event is sent to your CRM system. You can stop there, but having this information opens a lot of opportunities!
Step 3: For example, you want all of the call data to be in your CRM. So, to enrich the data about this call, you use the API to get the call recording, notes and AI insights from this call. And if they left a voicemail, you can also get that information. Don't need it, or it was a personal call? Then simply delete the recordings and notes from your CRM as well.
Step 4: See the value of your CRM system grow! With a centralised system where everything about customer, partner or supplier communications is arranged, you are more in-sync with what customers want, spend less time on administrative tasks and processes are more streamlined.

We're just happy you want to integrate Rinkel into other tools that you love, so the API is completely free of charge and available with all subscriptions. The webhooks feature is included for free in the Expert plan.

The webhooks feature is only available for customers with an Expert subscription. 

Absolutely! We do our best to provide updated and accurate information our our dedicated website for developer resources, but are happy to help out if you run into any issues. Need a technical hand? Schedule a quick call with our CTO Jesper to dive into it and solve any issue.

Absolutely, let us know what you're planning to build and we'll supply you with a developer account you can use for testing.

Get in touch with our Technical Support team via by sending us an email at [email protected]. We speak English, Dutch and Spanish.

Awesome! We'd love to hear more about your latest build, perhaps we'll even add it as a showcase in our developer resource center giving your app exposure to thousands of other businesses.

We can't wait to hear what you've built, reach out ot us via [email protected] and let's talk!

Start building the future